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    Quote Originally Posted by kamran View Post
    Are you dense ? The numbers I quoted are THE LAW in France. Minimum hours per week is 35 (actually only state workers work that amount, most ppl work more than that), maximum per year is 5 weeks if you work for a private company, 6 weeks if you're a state worker. Stop spreading your racist nonsense (even if the moderators allow you to do so).
    The 35-hour working week was in the Socialist Party's 1981 electoral program, titled 110 Propositions for France. The 35 hours was the legal standard limit, after which further working time was to be considered overtime. A 10.2% decrease in the hours extracted from each worker.

    so if you are unable to understand that, it means you need to work a maximum of 35hours to gain access to overtime pay, no were does it mean you have to work 35hours a week.
    if you would like to actually show me some proof of your statements with any sort of link then i would gladly ready it.
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    We're not here to have a long discussion of various political parties and how the work week works in other countries and flinging out insults over it. This thread has hardly remained constructive or on topic for pages.

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