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    Any dungeon with a lot of running and easy trash you can't group together easily.

    So probably most of the Vanilla dungeons which were designed as more envoloping dungeons with more lore and atmosphere.
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    All of classic now, and the outland one where u have to save thrall who happens to not ride an epic mount and you have to babysit him and then you have to tell him to goto the barn or else end up sitting there for like 10 mins because no one has talked too him, and the of course the northrend one with the arthas RP crap that takes forever.
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    Vanilla: Wailing Caverns, Sunken Temple, Maraudon
    TBC: Mana Tombs, Shadow Labyrinth and Underbog
    WotLK: Occulus and Halls of Stone (because of Brann)
    Cata: Blackrock Caverns, Vortex Pinnacle (beautifull dungeon but most annoying thrash ever) and Hour Of Twilight
    MoP: Shado Pan Monastery, Stormstout Brewery and easily the worst of all... the one I ALWAYS get 95% of the time....... Siege Of Niozau

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    Any and all Cata and Pandaria dungeons. Especially Blackrock Caverns (the evolution beams were fucking stupid) and Well of Eternity (Azshara boss). I haven't really done much in the way of Pandaria dungeons, but I have learned to despise dungeons starting in Cataclysm.

    My beef with the Azshara fight was the horrible tanks I had gotten. Tank would focus on a single mob, while the others would go after me (the healer on my priest). Constantly, in every single one I ended up doing (which wound up being about 4). It was horrible.

    I don't understand the HoR hate. Of course, the only time I did it at level was on my hunter, who wound up as the 5th in a 4-man guild group (did all 3 ICC 5-mans in order). But that colors my view on it, as they did really well, and my craptastic hunter was carried through.

    I have done Gate of the Setting Sun, Niuzao Temple, Mogushan Palace, SM on heroic, with Stormstout and Jade Serpent Temple on normal. I did not enjoy any of them. Of course, I have never enjoyed any dungeon.

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    Oculus wins by a mile on this one. I didn't mind Gnomer pre-nerf, but post nerf sucked.
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    Oculus is one of the best dungeons in the game, seriously.

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    Utgarde Keep by far.

    With every damn alt I instance-level and when I arrive at WotLK it goes like this from lvl 68-74:

    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep
    Utgarde Keep


    Vanilla: Stratholme Living
    TBC: Slave Pens
    WotLK: UK
    Cata: The Underwater one (so bad I don't even remember its name).
    MoP: Siege Of Niozau, like an above poster I also always get this one, cannot stand the RP anymore.
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    back in the day: Halls of Reflection. To this day my Gut still turns when I see that loading screen despite the fact I can solo it and I chose to go there for w/e reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Shado-Pan Monastary is fun the first time, too long every time after that.

    Gnomeregan (pre-nerf)
    Dire Maul: Gordock Commons
    Blackrock Depths
    Black Morass
    Halls of Reflection (to this day the only dungeon I've never finished)
    Hour of Twilight
    Basically this, ESPECIALLY Dire Maul, I hated that so much.

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    By expansion:

    Vanilla: Old Mara

    BC: Underbog

    Wrath: HoL

    Cata: TotT

    MoP: Idk, stopped playing in Cata.

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    If it's normal mode (or heroic back in 5.0.4), seeing the loading screen for Shado-Pan Monastery essentially meant "you're going to spent quite a while in here wiping."

    Before MoP content, I simply do not use the dungeon finder between levels 45 and 58 unless I'm running Sunken Temple a few times. Even if you're the tank, Blackrock Spire is horrible and Blackrock Depths isn't exactly skittles and rainbows, either.
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    Niuzao temple
    shado-pan monastery

    Mogushan Palace
    Halls of reflection (my old favourite)

    It's getting pretty difficult for me to not hate every hc in MoP except MsP, after my 1000th run. (or at least 400th in total)

    Edit: statistics say I killed the first boss in Mogushan Palace 384 times. Yet I only have 2064 MoP dungeon boss kills.
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    Oculus wasnt a big deal for me. i dunno why it got the reputation it did.

    1) Shado-pan Monestary makes me cringe
    2) Halls of Reflection was challenging for tanks
    3) Dead mines heroic is really long

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    BC daily heroics: Arcatraz
    WOTLK LFD: Occulus
    Cata LFD: Grim Batol
    Mists LFD: Shadowpan Monastery

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    Halls of Reflection. Halls of Stone (cant remember, the one with the stupid gauntlet). Shado Pan Monastary. Grim Batol. Violet Hold, Occulus. Culling of Stratholme.
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    Seriously, Its the WORST.
    Its mainly the fact that people don't either care or realise that you have to avoid those damn dragons...
    Lovely time when they fly around, land and pulled like 5 or 6 of them...
    I swear, at least one person leaves everytime I get randomly qued in for Occulus.
    And it can be extremely confusing where to go if its your first time in that dungeon....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Oculus is one of the best dungeons in the game, seriously.
    I actually like that dungeon
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    Culling of Stratholme before you could skip the event...My god, was that painful.

    Halls of Stone by far. I now loathe Brann Bronzebeard and hope for the day he becomes a dungeon boss I can kill. No loot necessary.

    Halls of Origination too for the same reason.

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    Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire.

    Every time I level an alt from 15 to 50 I do dungeons, as soon as I end up in BRD or BRS its back to questing until I'm in Outland and can queue for Hellfire.

    Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun and Siege of Niuzao Temple also suck. Every time I do GotSS at least 1 dps gets locked out of the first boss fight because they weren't paying attention, and in most recent runs I've had about 4/5 groups insist on killing the trash instead of simply skipping it and running straight to the elevator.

    Siege is less annoying unless I get a particularly stupid group but I still cringe every time I zone into it.

    EDIT: Also anything that involves waiting on scripted events tends to annoy me in dungeons. I don't mind it the first time, but after that it just gets extremely annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleys View Post
    I would agree on the Shado-Pan Monastery commentary. Or as I have dubbed it: House of a Thousand Adds

    Though as the expansion has gone on it has become much less of an annoyance.
    Takes about 5 mins more than the others in my experience.

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