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    RaF! I recruit you, thousands of gold benefits

    HI all, I'm looking to recruit someone for a few toons to level. It would be on the Malganis server, PVP, horde side. A hugely horde dominant server, with high pop, it is very much so a great server for both PvE and PvP.

    I'm looking to recuit someone with a good bit of time on their hands. I have 100kg and access to a few hundred thousand in assets, if you stick with me through the levelling process i will purchase one character full riding to 310%, and give you 50kg.

    I'm not looking for someone who's lazy and will barely play his toon, pretty efficient leveller myself with multiple 90s.

    Also to be noted, if you stick around on the server i can supply you with gems/enchants/whatever, whenever you need.

    Reply here, or message in game. entarium#1386

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    There's a thread for this OP

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    derp. I don't wanna repost so guess ill wait for a mod

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    Unfortunately many of these threads get derailed by people helpfully posting "There is a thread to post in", so we rarely merge these threads in.

    There is a thread to post in, so please repost (just cut & paste) your post in: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...tner-Post-here!

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