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    Breaking 2pc T15

    So, I currently have 2 T15H pieces (shoulder/gloves) and 2pc t16 (Legs and helm). Last night I received the T16 shoulders and legs off Norushen.

    Should I break the 2pc T15 and have 3pc T16 and/or still get rid of t15 and go shoulders/helm and use legs off norushen?

    OR should I just leave it how it is until i get 4pc?

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    I myself have 3T16 and 2 T15. Also i have HC legs from norushen and normal shoulders from garrosh. And if i drop t15 for legs+shoulders - that is dps loss.
    T15 2 set is still quite a big DPS boost. For me it is 6.5k in survival spec...

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    Ok, thank you; I will hold off then until I get the 4pc

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