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    Seraph (SB1 Group) 11/14 25 Man Mal'Ganis

    Spaceball One

    ***Who we are***
    Six months ago this raid team was just an idea. The guild <Seraph> of US-Malganis had a stable, and successful raid, but there were others in the guild who wanted to raid. Who wanted to be part of something big, but were not part of the raid. Thus the guild started a second 25-man group, full of alts of the main raiders and those whom were not part of the main raid. This group continued to become bigger, and more main characters joined the raid that would come to be known as Spaceball One.We now enter Siege of Orgrimmar as our own group and we plan to progress through the content. This is a heroic progression group with a great bunch of like-minded individuals. The goal is to kill bosses while having fun but also progressing , because there lies the fun of raiding,

    Raid times:
    We raid 11pm to 2 am CST Tuesday and Wednesday nights. There are make-up raid nights on Monday if we have spent a whole night learning on a heroic fight and need to push out farm content to keep gear flowing.

    11/14 SoO 25 man

    Purple Distribution: We distribute loot with an addon called EPGP Lootmaster to facilitate and fasten the way the loot is done. We also believe it to be more efficient than Loot Council since that usually leads to pointless debates and fights.

    Our current needs are as follow :

    Mage - High
    Shaman All specs Medium
    Monk – WW/MW Medium
    Priest – Shadow/Disc Medium
    Druid – Boomkin/Resto Medium
    Death Knight – Dps Medium
    Warlock – Medium
    Hunter – Low

    We do accept great players as well so feel free to apply even if your class is not mentionned here.

    To apply go to Seraphguild.com

    Lastly I want to just say that if you want to contact an officer in-game, please do. We are very helpful and all of us are part of the team because we want to continue our success and keep kicking butt through SoO and beyond. The officers you can contact at any time are:

    Nnamdi-Raid leader
    Kramnanorc-Strategic Analyst at Kramnanorc#1369
    Ultraclad-Loot and Logs Master at ften#1550
    Trohe-Distance Pewpew leader at Shputz0606#1283
    Roltenwad-Recruitment Officer at munich#1581
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    Look us up : )

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    Come App at the site : )

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    ^ Late night guild

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