During another loss in AV I noticed that my team turned around, I mean all of the O, and headed South back to IWB. There was no reason for it, it was late in the game, the usual suspects were in the ALL IN phase, when the obvious hit: they were bots.

I got pissed because frankly if you are running randoms it's pretty much AV/IoC or nothing. I also get irritated with people who say "I never see any bots", or "Blizzard is totally working on it". Yeah, maybe they are, but these bots could be spotted by a one-armed blind guy and they will still be there months from now. I sort of get why a player would miss them. I knew they were there but not how prevalent they were and because they lag the start you are usually out in front of them or in a place they aren't.

Honestly, I found bot trains all over the place and while I didn't go looking, they're in all of the other BG's too. It's conservative to say that 10 players on each side are botting every AV because it's probably 20 on each side. It's a mess. I don't know what percentage of the account base bots, but it's simply got to be a ton. And, somehow, I doubt they're all hacked accounts.

Last point, because it won't be obvious, those guys hitting the pole in the first minute, are all bots, even the ones going straight through. Sure, maybe some guy just likes jumping the pole, and he's innocent, but those are bots. That's exactly how prevalent they are in AV. When you see 30 guys at Bal, they aren't stupid players, well some are, they're bots. Keep that in mind the next time you try to play General Patton in there.

Enjoy the video. Yes I backpedaled, have bad gear and no video skills.