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    LFG: 553 Hunter BM/Surv


    Currently looking for a raid team. Current guild situation slowly withered to a shell of what we once were. We managed 1/14H SoO before calling it quits. We finished last Tier 13/13H pre nerf, and have consistently cleared heroic modes the last several tiers before that.


    Character: Cigol
    Guild: Helmets and Juice Boxes (formerly Aspect)
    Server: Frostwolf-US

    I raided mainly as a Protection Paladin for each tier, changed main to Hunter last week of ToT -> SoO. I can raid as tank if needed, prefer Hunter since I made the switch. Logic is my paladin.

    I am looking for 25M pref, but 10M is great too (I have raided only 10M in the past)
    Availability is open after 5:30 pm Pacific and completely out on Thursday evenings.

    Battletag is FrostLogic#1195 if interested, or reply here and I look forward to any replies.


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    Hi Cigol,

    I'm recruiting for Duh Winning's weekday 10m (Tues, Wed, Thurs 6:00-9:00PM PST). I know you're not available on Thursdays, but if you're interested in raiding with us, feel free to contact me (bts#1237). We are currently looking for hunters like yourself, and spriests. Our current progression is 3/14H SoO, and in 5.3 we cleared 13/13H.

    I'd link you the guild website/application but I'm under the post requirement. I'll add your btag after I finish this post.

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