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    Help us improve

    Hi all
    We are a small friendly guild.. With That I think we need some help.. I'm not raidleader although I'm one of the officers.

    Here are some of our latest logs..

    It seems I can't link. But we are on draenor ride of afterlife eu

    I would appreciate some pointers for really stand out mistakes.
    Or anything I could pass on to our gm or raidleader..

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd be happy to help you but, dude, I have no idea what I'm helping you with.
    You've not specified anything, simply that you need help? Stuck on a certain boss? Need raidleading tips? What exactly is it you need?

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    Mostly I think we need to kill things faster ... Well mostly I point at the dps help how could we get our overall dps a bit higher .. Or if any of us is doing something really that it shouldn't.
    Cause we had roster problems and now queue timers so I'm getting the felling that we don't have time to progress on later bosses. That's why everything needs to go down faster

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    The link for those interested.

    Now I looked at some of the fights (mostly the ones similar to patchwerk) and I don't see any glaring issues like many people that ask for help. There's of course some stuff that everyone can do better, but it shouldn't completely block you from killing bosses yet. That being said, your dps does seem quite low for the ilvl. On Iron Juggernaut I see dps ranging from 160k to 202k. With that ilvl they could be doing 250k+. (This may differ with class)
    Now for things that I noticed:
    Your warrior tank seems to be doing quite low dps. Don't ask me what he can do better, I don't know.
    Your elemental shammy should keep up his flame dot better.
    Your mage is not using his tier 90 talent????? This one is quite important. Also his bomb uptime is lower than it should be.
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    Ye I agree that we should be doing more..speaking for myself.. I find myself during raids watching over others cause all tend to panic in many situations..
    I was just looking for other eyes apart from mine to point some things..
    Cause from what I see I'm the only one ,actually looking at logs comparing and looking for ways to speed things up..

    Thanks again

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    From the quick view, your holy priest is pretty well off. They seem to have good spell selection and usage.

    I didn't look at their armory but I don't see anything glaring form their logs for your level of a guild. =)

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    Looking at your prot war I see a couple of things that stand out. I will look at Sha as that is pretty mucha tank and spank fight with a taunt swap.

    1) 5 ultimatum procs but only used HS 3 times. His ultimatum procs are really low but this is due to gearing choices.

    2) He was specked for shockwave yet there is no need for shockwave from tanks on this fight as you just beat on sha. He shoudl have dragon roar for this type of fight and use that with blood bath on cd!

    3)Buffs cast : He/she seems to not be using about 50 - 60% of the tools that are available to a protection warrior. Here is the buffs and debuffs cast by them for sha :
    Now please take 2 minutes and take a look at the following log. This is my buffs and debuffs cast during the same fight, I'm by no means the best prot war and I have plenty to improove but it gives a really fast example of what a prot war should be bringing to the table:

    4) He/she only cast 10 shield blocks yet is gemmign and gearing for mastery and has the HR glyph. He shoudl be mashign the crap out of shield block to make sure he is gettign the most out of the mastery on there gear and taking full advantage of the glyph.18% up time is horrible and you might expect to see that on a heavy avoidance build with a fight needing S.barrier but not on sha with a mastery build! Normally you see this with HS spaming wars that rage starve themselves but in this case they ahrdly used HS so what are they doing with all that rage? As well glyph of incite and only 3 HS cast? another waste of the glyph! 2 major glyphs are basically being wasted.

    5) No last stand, no rallying cry, no shield wall, no demo they not like to use there damage mitigation CD's?

    6) 0 Shout use during the fight and as such 0 rage from shout, no zerker rage or recklessness used so ther enot helping there dmg output.

    7) Gearing: I can't speak for all wars as it's really up to personal choice on how you gear but in a 10 man on normals I have been LOVING avoidance build. With riposte we get 75% of our parry and dodge raiting converted into crit rating via riposte. I woudl highly sugest they give it a try as they are not playing properly for a mastery build anyhow and the extra crit would help get there dps up quite a bit.

    Anyhow feel free to go over my logs or videos (link in sig) and send a pm or message here if you have any other questions. I woudl highly sugest sending them to the war forums here and having them totaly refresh how to prot war as they seem to be playing it in an old cata style.

    PS: missed it but make sure they are hit and exp capped they are currently 1.21% under exp cap and hit exp should be the first 2 things capped before going for the rest!
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    If you are looking for specific advice for your raiders, I would suggest posting in the class specific forums OR better yet, have your guildies check out and post in the "fix my dps, tanking, healing" threads located therein. You will get much more information there, as not all of those folks check the raid forums regularly.

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