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    the problem is when blizzard creates stuff that demands players to use addons (stupid priest's halo, im looking at you.)

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    I normally use a ton of addons, usually with an ElvUI base and then some essentials (WeakAuras, Skada, DBM), typically some "nice to have" (cooldown tracker, rotation helpers, Clique) and then QoL addons (auction house addons, fishing addons, rare finding).

    When I tried to see how much of the default UI I could use, I still ended up with about 10 addons or so counting essentials like WeakAuras, things like Raven because the default buffs/debuffs suck, a chat addon and QoL addons like one to auto-repair and auto-sell gray items. IMO things like bag sorting, auto-repair and auto-selling should be baked into the default UI, along with a more intuitive keybinding interface.
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    I just use recount and reforge. my guild requires that you use DBM but I've never used it and no one's found out lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post
    Because the default UI is absolutely garbage for playing at a top level.
    Maybe with some things but I distinctly recall seeing a Hunter I believe in Method (I think it was on the Paragons vid) that had mostly a default UI and some buff/proc trackers (WeakAuras I'd assume), but everything else was stock including the default placement for player and target frames. So if one of the best Hunters in the world (presumed, being in the #1 guild in the West and one of the top guilds in the world) can use mostly the default UI...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danmakus View Post
    i dont use a single addon..

    would like a addon or macro to randomize the mounts i mount.. and one to spawn one of my companion pets at random.

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    As a healer, the only addon(s) for raiding i need are Clique and DBM. Outside of raiding just bartender, arkinventory, and a auction addon(auctionator or auctioneer).
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    Since switching to ElvUI as a standard for a lot of things, that has cut down on a lot of my addons required. But I still have quite a few for quality of life, for fun, etc.

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    The biggest thing the default ui is missing is cooldown timers. That's the thing that I believe helps most for any person play up to their potential, especially classes like enhance shamans. Oh my God, I can't even imagine ever playing that spec again without timers, and it's kind of insane that the game has been out for 8 years and Blizzard hasn't even touched the issue. I guess they just rely on addon developers to do it properly for them.
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    I've stopped using ANY addons since 5.4.

    Since I stopped normal raiding I feel I have little need for them anymore, whenever some guy wants to stroke his e-peen by linking dmg meters in LFR I always seem to be doing good enough so it's not like i'm ignoring DPS.

    Playing the game like it's meant to be is just fun sometimes, although Timeless Isle is a bit tougher but I enjoy the exploration.

    Also the poll is a bit stupid, what if I play with 0 addons but don't want them removed?

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    I hate addons and I used to raid fine without any, I think the game would be better if they weren't allowed.

    Quote Originally Posted by plantation View Post
    I just use recount and reforge. my guild requires that you use DBM but I've never used it and no one's found out lol.
    Yeah, if you are a good player you don't need DBM, DBM if for players who are bad/average to pretend they are good.
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    My whole interface is replaced by addons (I'm a healer). Never had any problems at all. Keeping this stuff up to date shloudn't cause any problems since most of the developers go into PTR and fix stuff before it goes live.

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    If we use your logic, people shouldn't visit sites like Elitist Jerks or Icy Veins for information on how to play their class either, as it tells them what to do, including rotations, and without that most players would be worthless.

    If you're going to argue something, then argue that. (I'm not actually saying people shouldn't visit those sites)

    Using mods just changes the horrible trashcan look of the default UI, and allows you to track certain things instead of sifting through 30 debuffs/buffs mid combat.

    Mods like DBM were slightly controversial around the time of Classic since they were failure prone and people relied on them even then, but they're now an integral part of the game.

    It can be argued (and has some validity) that mods like CLCRet actually do make players worse if they rely on them for their rotation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolith of Mazes View Post
    GoGoMount would be good for you
    thanks, ill check that out

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    Why should they be removed? it's nice to be able to customize your games and UI. Makes everyone just a little different.
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    I'm in a constant battle with my number of addons. I love having a bunch of addons that customize all kinds of things, but deep down I know that sticking as close as possible to the vanilla UI would be best for game reliability/framerates etc.

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    I have 37 in my list, but the majority are for quality of life issues and aren't "necessary", since I've gotten used to having addons.

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    I don't use a ton of add-ons. But there are a few I'm absolutely in love with, and they increase my enjoyment of the game by a lot. TellMeWhen and Vuhdo are the ones that come to mind first. <3 them so much.

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    One of the secrets to WoW's success is addon support.
    LOL so fuckin mad

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    I use recount and combustion helper and dbm. that's about it unless I switch to a healer char I just use grid for that.

    I've tried a handful such as ElvUI but I got lazy in setting it up so I stick to the 3/4 mentioned above!

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    People have been entirely too obsessed with and dependent on addons for a very long time. It is quite unfortunate.

    I can tell you the only addons I use are Skada, I used an archeology helper addon to make doing digsites faster but have since removed it since I got everything I wanted from archeology, and a couple of pet-related addons to quickly identify the breed of pets i'm battling. That is prettymuch it.

    I am a heroic raider having cleared all content at heroic difficulty while it was current, aside from the latest tier which we're still progressing through, and I have never needed DBM or any other addons for that matter to complete the content.

    The fact is when you use DBM you become dependent on DBM to yell at you to stay out of shit, to give you timers when shit is going to happen, so on and so forth. Then if it's ever taken away like a new patch breaks it or the newest info isn't loaded into DBM, you can't play for shit because your crutch is gone. You become a much better player by not using it. By actually looking at the playing field. As for boss abilities, you can tell when they're about to go off because it's very consistent. As you do a fight you know exactly when each ability is going off and what to do about it.

    I don't really mind people who use crutches like DBM, though I personally have no interest in it, but what really irks me is I occasionally pug raids as a tank and virtually all pugs require DBM pull timers to be able to function properly. They just cannot raid without DBM pull timers. That kind of silliness is very annoying. When we do real raids, count downs are done orally on vent. DBM has brought the quality of raiders down a few pegs I think, having an addon pay attention to things for them so they don't have to.

    Once upon a time they were basically REQUIRED to heal, I still remember using grid to heal many years ago because the default UI was such garbage. However blizzard has really improved the base UI over the years, and you can heal just as well as someone using healbot or grid with your baseframes. Those addons are no longer needed, but the dependency is already there.

    I do like addons however, as some are quite unique or interesting. They do neat little quality of life improvements that make the game more enjoyable to deal with. Like the one I use for tracking pet breeds, I find highly convenient. Once upon a time I used addons that completely changed my UI to something entirely different.

    Problem is, I have played this game a very, very long time. Since the beginning. I've seen addons be created, be used, then fade to obscurity because their authors stopped playing or stopped updating it, and their addons were no longer usable. That has happened to me numerous times over the years, which is why i've switched to a more "no addons" way of playing. I'll never be one of those people at a disadvantage on patch day until their addons get updated because I never needed them in the first place and i'll never have to worry about fixing my UI because my UI addon has stopped being updated, etc. Thats my biggest beef with em and why I won't use em.
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