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    What "New" thing do you want from WoW?

    I work as a cashier at an electronics store and I'm always interested to hear what WoW players have to say about the game. Whenever one comes up with a timecard, I'll ask the typical questions. "PvE or PvP? Pumped for 5.4? etc etc. Lately we've been selling the odd FFXIV copy, and I always ask them if they've been following the game, or if they've played FFXI. I've only dealt with one customer that's had previous experience with FFXI, the rest are trying out XIV because their friends are, and because they've become sick of LoL, WoW or whatever else they're playing. One customer in particular told me that he's become bored of WoW all together because it's "just the same thing every expansion, there's nothing new. They just change up the order and the color scheme, but it's always the same. If they'd do something different, I'd gladly resub." It was along those lines.

    That got me thinking. Something new...well, they're always adding features with expansions, from new races and classes to brand new abilities and talents, along with the endless stream of new content that lives and dies over the course of the expansion...but maybe he was thinking deeper than that. The recipe has always been kill bosses for epics. Destroy opponents to attain better rating. Every expansion they give us new ways to do these kind of things, but the core never changes.

    What kind of new thing could they add? Not just a feature, but something that would change the game and pull back those people that got bored of their WoW routine? Would something like that actually bring in the old guys and girls, or would it work against WoW's population and age problems?

    What would you like to see added, removed, revamped or revitalized within WoW that would give it that new car smell?

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    I really think 1. Scaling (which they are already doing)
    2. Naga/Legion Expac (also pretty much a guarantee)
    3. A quicker way to get to max level

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    I mostly want new models and maybe some graphical changes to the current environments. Other then that I would like heavy lore. Electric wizard heavy.

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    They really need to overhaul the AH

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    New character models pretty much, very tired of seeing my troll next to my pandaren friend their worlds apart =/

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    A new battleground system separate from normal battleground queue for endless pvp instances, such as WvWvW in Guild Wars 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBGamer View Post
    3. A quicker way to get to max level
    Really? Leveling is already pathetically fast, any quicker and they may as well just remove it.

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    Housing or guild housing

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    Professions overhaul (Massive overhaul)
    PvP/PvE gear re-design (really, another overhaul)
    Character models
    Addressing the lack of storage space/organization for us pack rats

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    What do I personally want...

    1) Revamp talents again, this only a few talents is just boring. I don't care if I have to put 20 points in to crit or whatever. Hell they could make talents like diablo's new paragon system. Let them give you 1-5% hit, or crit or mastery or haste or whatever. So you can move talents around the gear you have rather than picking THE BiS gear only. As a spriest, if I could get a "free" 5% haste from some talent, it would make my gearing hugely different to the point where I wouldn't be the same as 9 out of 10 spriests like it currently is. There is a right and wrong right now with both gear and talents and I'd like to see some variation in there to allow for some more unique things.

    2) Raiding split up rather than pushed together. 10man raids are different from 25man raids are different from LFR/Flex raids. Blizzard can do it, they did 2 before, making a 3rd wouldn't be hard since they have a grossly large amount of money now. There is no reason to think or expect them to "need" longer to produce raids if there were 3 compared to one, they just need to add on more people working on said projects.

    3) A reason to play the game. Alts, pet battles, dailies, etc aren't a reason to play the game. Those are random side "quests" almost that have no effect on your main character or their story. Give me a way to improve myself when I log on. If there isn't a way to do so, I don't log on. Rift added a planar attunement things(similar to EQ AA points for old timers like myself) FF14 has cross class skills you can get from leveling other classes(not to mention they are all the same char so even leveling alts in ff14 is like progressing your main since you have access to more things.)

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    At this point all I want is new character models. And possibly an account wide xp buff once you have atleast 1 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBGamer View Post
    I really think 1. Scaling (which they are already doing)
    2. Naga/Legion Expac (also pretty much a guarantee)
    3. A quicker way to get to max level
    Dafuq? Leveling is quick as already. Only takes like 2-3 days /played to get a 90

    I would like new models and a revamped / fixed combat engine.

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    My god I hope they don't do a Naga based expac. There are and have been enough of that crap in every expac to date with more than enough in vanilla.

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    1. Scaling for old content keeping more content relevant.
    2. Flex style raiding added to Normal modes.
    3. Expand flex raiding to allow up to 40 players (I miss the epic feeling of 40 players in a raid)
    4. Add additional cosmetic or actual armor slots. (librams hanging from a paladins belt as an example)
    5. Revamp of the auction house & professions.
    6. Build a robust system for socializing to bring back a sense of community to a server. Something along the lines of a tool to promote, discover, & play with other players or guilds.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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    - New Combat System (The Special Attacks from the mobs in Timeless Isle where you have to dodge the spell being cast or you take heavy damage is a good start)

    - Something we can do against CC instead of just staying stunned/feared/etc for the whole duration

    - Lich King 2 Expansion, I want to free Bolvar <3

    - Better rewards for winning a Battleground. If you don't need honor on the character you're playing you won't care about winning since all you get is Honor, you'll just end up farming kills and ignoring objectives
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    I feel like some players would come back if they offered real 40 man raids again not just on world bosses or pvp. I don't think I was dreaming when everyone started leaving during burning crusade and guilds fractured in a thousand directions leaving a lot of raiders disenfranchised when they were having fun before. More tank and spank bosses. You don't have to have adds to make a boss hard. Though making bosses hard doesn't seem to be in the cards for blizzard any longer either. I'd just like to see more diversity in the content they currently have. I'm getting bored of rehashed graphics and the same old sh*t. Sorry I don't mean to rant.

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    Player housing, recognition for having tons of max level toons. All old raids and 5 mans are que able and scale to your level. New race models new races new classes.

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    I want a true Looking For Guild feature. The one that's currently there is crap.

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    I would really love to see ability to build your own land. Like a map editor. Maybe make it instanced or something. Kinda like minecraft i guess lol

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    A rogue class rework, ya know, one that makes them worth while to play again.
    The ability to cross faction chat.
    The ability to create player made instances like with the starcaft and warcraft3 map editor.
    Improvements in game story during the patches
    MAOR Cinimatics
    Removal of pvp gear.
    More server community based content
    Delete the new jaina and give back old jaina
    Gnomergan as a full revamped city.
    A collectible tab for ores and herbs
    Pet battle spectator modes (cant host pet battle tornys as a guild because everyone else stands and sees nothing)
    Reduction of class abilitys
    The ability to visit the old world
    TBC servers
    Some form of leveling improvements (make it last longer somehow) like a paragon system
    Night time
    Demon Hunters
    Remove flying mounts
    Reduction of guard spawn in towns during pvp
    Hearthstone integrated into wow
    level and gear scaling so I can do low lvl bgs on a max level character (For less abilitys resil and fun)
    The ability to have 50 characters on the same server.
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