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    I use a few - dbm, tomtom, npcscan, mogit (MUST HAVE), recount. I have more installed, but those are the only ones I truly USE. I never had a problem with the default UI. I've used others, I dislike having to worry when they're not correct or updated and everything gets all screwy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Protar View Post
    Personally I've never installed any addons ever. I mean surely Blizzard should provide everything that you need to play the game. And in all honesty dozens of damage and threat metres and whatever else really aren't necessary to play the game. Sure, without them you won't be optimised but then no one else would be either, if the game had no addons.

    The whole addon craze has never made sense to me. Not why people are ok with this system that puts people on an uneven playing field, and not why blizzard is cool with letting third parties do what is essentially hacking the game. I would be very grateful if someone could explain it.
    The default UI looks horrible, addons let you make it look awesome. I love addons purely because they can change the look of the game. I don't think you need them to be able to play, though they do help healers.

    To the OP, I'm guessing this guy was a healer? He probably had his UI set up in a way which made healing easier for him, maybe his healing frames got knocked out of position.

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    I don't understand what people think is wrong with the default UI? I get that some only turn of the background of the default UI so they only see the buttons and some might hide them completely because they only need to see the cooldown for them and know all keybinds for their skill. Rest I don't understand. Why does it matter where the buttons are located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merador View Post
    That was news to me, because i don't play retpaladin. The last time i had one, it was not a problem (too long ago to speak about the situation now). Thanks for the clarification, now i'm going to level one, because i like such priority damage systems
    But that is the trouble with a priority system: It gets confusing when you have spells have different cooldowns and can proc to lose the CD.
    This is what I have to watch during a raid, besides the obvious raid-mechanics:

    Left-upper corner: Health and Holy Power.
    Bar1: 4 rotation attacks, one can randomly jump off CD (that gives a animation in the screen) and two have different CD's that are effected by Haste.
    And the last one can only be used when 3+ HP, but shouldn't be used when you a) have another attack off CD and you are below 5HP or b) You don't have the buff.
    Buffs: Which brings me to the next part; buffs! You have to make sure you are buffed and that you don't lose the buff.
    But on the other hand you don't want to clip it too much or let it run out when all your attacks are on CD.
    I also have a selfbuff that makes my heal Instant when I have three stacks
    Bar 2: And then we also have the utility spells and cooldowns that I need to track.

    I'm convinced that playing the retribution-rotation without addons causes epileptic attacks.

    Ps, this is the priority: inq inqdp inqes inqhpr inqlh ds_4t16_5hp tv5 how ds_4t16 tvaw jaw cs j tvdp exo tv3 ss < Image explains what each abbreviation means.

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    Add omnicc to default, make the healthbar thing on unitframe thicker. Add an option to view your debuffs on default nameplates. Allow the map and buffs and debuffs in upper right hand corner to be moved.

    UI team spending way too much time making pet battles when they could be improving the default to a playable level. I don't think anyone can argue against incorporating omnicc. Watch a pvp'er stream sometime. Their team asks, when is healing tide up? shaman response : uhhh, like 20seconds? exactly my point.

    I believe it's possible that for next expansion they are working on a new storage solution rather than the bag sorting thing we have now. Possibly tabs? or something like bagon? Not sure but bags + storage are pretty high on the priority list for them on things to revamp iirc.
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    I use 5-10 "vital" addons which I probably couldn't live without. Ontop of that I have maybe 20 QoL addons that save me time tabbing out and searching for stuff, like Atlas and so on.
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    My core addons
    Healbot - cant do anything without it.



    and some others for looks and pet battles

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    I have 42 addons. Just because I like that number.

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    The default UI really is quite bad. It's ten years old, and it shows. It also covers far more of the screen than is really necessary, and doesn't give you the option to hide your action bars (there's no point in seeing all those icons when I have them all keybound). The default "splash" indicators are also much too in-your-face for my taste; I like having a visual cue when clearcasting has procced, but I don't want a big thing in the middle of my screen. I want to be able to see the cooldown on abilities when it's relevant, but I don't need to see those icons when they're not actually cooling.

    The default raid frames include obnoxious amounts of empty space while presenting very little relevant information, and they're awkwardly placed off to the side of the screen. As a healer, I prefer to have the raid frames right below my character so that I can both see where I'm standing and how the raid is doing at the same time. I also prefer having the sides of the screen clear so that I can see the boss and the room, and not just health meters everywhere. I want to actually experience the fights and see what's going on, and the default raid frames don't really let me do that. And since my own health is shown in the raid frames, I don't actually need a separate health bar to show how I'm doing, so that's gone (replaced by a lone mana bar that goes along the top of the raid frames).

    So while I could play without addons, I don't enjoy it nearly as much. Everything feels clumsy and blocks way too much of the screen. As a result, I don't really raid unless most of my addons are functional. Not because I can't, but because I don't like it, and the whole point of raiding at all is because I like it.
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    [ 2:30PM]/Applications/World of Warcraft-1313> ls Interface/AddOns/ | wc -l

    To be fair, that's addon modules - DBM and all its submodules, datastore and its modules, tradeskillmaster, etc etc.

    I do regularly prune them though.

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