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    Question The Shift from Disc to Holy in Arena

    A disclaimer: This is not intended to start a holy war (pun kinda intended). This is just a question from a new level 90 priest.

    Recently I decided to take my level 85 priest to 90 in an effort to get him into arenas (2's and 3's) as well as do some battlegrounds (non-rated). When I started out (prior to 5.4) it looked as though Disc was the spec of choice for my interests. Recently I've noticed the top rated Arena players are all Holy. On to my questions:

    1) Is Holy now the go-to for arenas, and if so, what changed it?
    2) Given what I want to do with my priest (see above), should I consider dropping disc and start gearing for holy? Or is Disc still competitive?

    I enjoy the disc style of healing (Bubbles == Awesome Sauce), but I'm curious as to what Holy has that seems to out shine it recently.

    (Please keep answers/discussions civil. )

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    I play PvE but have noticed the trend.

    Presumably it's because Holy has more burst, more damage capabilities (burst single target in Chastise chakra), and is more mobile, if only by a little bit.

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    Here is what I've found as far as pros and cons of going holy:

    No more absorbs, bubbles are very mana inefficient
    No more barrier + pain supp.
    Lose dps and healing
    Increase in having to hard cast

    Chakras! Chastise = disorient and Serenity = awesome heal
    More healing and less absorbs (good and bad depending on health of person)
    Only renew can be dispelled, doesn't rely on bubbles.
    PoM still applies awesome buff to increase healing = pom + hw: serenity + flash heal = lots of healing

    Those are the ones I see as a Hpriest, and I'm about 1500s in both 2v2 and 3v3. Have played at 1800mmr in 3s as TSG and we averaged 4 wins per loss (I got carried more or less because my buddy needed a healer for the day). Will update after work with more info.
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    With the FDCL buff, Holy heals almost exclusively with instant casts. Chastise is extremely useful for a class that otherwise has fairly weak CC. Lightspring is great if the other team doesn't kill it as soon as you put it out.

    Disc isn't bad by any means, and depending on what rating you're aiming for I'd probably suggest it as disc has a lower skill cap, but if you're going for really high rating Holy is the way to go.
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    Holy is now quite good in arena for 2 reasons

    1) Lightwell changes

    2) FDCL changes

    3) chakras have only 5s CD.

    4) Chastice is so damn useful for getting CC chains off.

    I think disc is also good though, depending on your combo.

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    How about in battlegrounds? I'm assuming Holy tends to lead the way in as far as AOE heals go.

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    No more absorbs, bubbles are very mana inefficient
    Did you mean very mana efficient?

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    No he did mean inefficient meaning you don't shield (absorbs) much, or at all, because as holy its very expensive and the 'heal' (absorb) is much lower then disc. Its HPM for holy is really really bad.

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    Just gem your gear full spirit and you are fine manawise, don't see why anyone would ever choose disc over holy at the current state of arenas.

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    I thought I'd never live to see the day in which Holy beat Discipline in Arena!

    I guess I can check this off my Bucket List!

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