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    Gonna change again after this "amazing" change to mastery. Got a pro tip for blizzard as well changing core abilities of specs like that ain't gonna fix the input lag btw which is caused by haste effects mostly, if you wanna fix input lag you just need to remove haste as a stat completely from the game since it's heavy haste moments that the client just dies completely aka bloodlust/heroism + 30%+ haste from gear on most ppl on your raid group which the servers obviously can't handle at least on 25-mans.
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    Sometimes i don't know if blizzard even think of balance; instead they think of hitting with the big nerf coil and don't think of the consequences. They should buff EoL after this "amazing" change for quite a bit; not making it so bad that mastery is now the worst stat.

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    Pardon me for being an idiot, but is the change they did to EoL bad? How does it affect mastery now?

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    It heals every 3 seconds instead of 1, but the total healing and duration remained the same.

    Since EoL generally blankets a large portion of the raid, and made up for 20-35% plus of a Holy priest's healing (though a significant amount already went into overhealing), we're going to see those numbers plummet because with a longer duration-- it's more than likely that another healer is going to top them off first.

    The actually amount of healing that Holy's mastery does will be the same, but a lot of it will be shifted into overhealing. And from what I'm hearing, it didn't do anything to fix input lag anyways.
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    Thanks Naer. So as Hoy then, should I be gemming/reforging for all Crit now? heh

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    I think this they should rename Echo of Light:

    Echo of Overheal:
    Your direct healing spells let you overheal the target for an additional 10% every 3 seconds over 6 sec. More Mastery gives you more overheal.

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    If I played Holy in 25m, I'd be Gem'ing for Int. I could be totally offbase, I generally play Disc in 25m right now. When I play Holy (before the change) I'd run 12-13k spirit and int/mastery or pure mastery in yellow. But I'd probably go pure int wherever I could now, and then in yellows put the mixed gems.

    But with my gear, I'd probably go for the lowest haste breakpoint and let my haste hover between 3039-5k since I rarely use renew, though hitting the extra tick of lightspring wouldn't be out of the question.

    And then dump everything possible into int. Smack people harder with heals, rely less on EoL. Probably would backfire though and that's why they make me play disc. I only know how to push smite and divine star =(

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    EoL duration did not change - only the fact that instead of healing every 1 second it heals every 3 seconds. So it heals at 3 seconds and 1 second of the buff duration. This means that we're missing out on those 2 smaller hots in the initial and end duration, greatly hurting the "blanketing" that EoL provides.

    I actually had 10% less mastery last night (didn't know about the change til after the raid) and my EoL had nearly identical overheal as last week on Garrosh (76%) so I don't know that the change is as dramatic as everyone is making it to be or I got lucky.
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    Ah I stand corrected, I'll fix that so people don't get confused. Thanks Mazi!

    If that's the change, rather than a duration extension, it probably won't be *too* terrible.

    Maybe a slight nerf but I'd assume it depends on raid comp. If you have a druid rolling rejuve (I'm not sure if they still do this) and a ReM happy MW, it might get a bit annoying.

    But in general, I'm not sure the change will be that big. We will see I guess.
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    We've got a druid that rolls rejuv, 2x paladins that blanket HoF, and a HR crazy shaman I am with.

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    Whelp their armory shows quite a few heroic kills.

    No need to get feisty.

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    As a priest healer, I consider my main spec to be holy. For this tier there are multiple fights where holy has its place to shine and be effective.

    That being said I gem pure int in reds, int/spirit in blue, and either orange int/masterty or int/crit gems in yellow sockets. This set up works great for me, because it allows me to jump from holy to disc is the encounter calls for it with only reforging instead of regemming also.

    Completely unbuffed i run 26.5% mastery, 16.8% Crit, 15k Spirit and 28.6k Intellect. I am not too sure about how the Sha of Pride Prism trinket would effect things so much that it would make crit so much better, but in general I see crit builds as viable as long as you still keep an acceptable amount of mastery (20%). The trinkets I use are Dysmorphic (Great for spirit) and the healing cleave trinket, Thok's Acid-Grooved tooth. The cleave trinket is so incredibly powerful and accounted for up to 7million heals per fight, so I am starting to see it almost as a necessity for a Holy Priest of most of the healing intensive heroic encounters.

    One note I have about healcalc that was linked earlier is that, it is a good BASIS of what direction you should go. That being said, you have to use some logic and assume that for most fights your echo/mastery will be over-healing at least around 60% of time... therefore loosing 1000 int to gain the 1000 (or 2000 depending on how you're looking at the output) mastery is a silly notion. So interrupt the results as a general guideline for holy, but not necessarily the most logic results.

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    Also you have to look at it from a fight per fight basis as well. I find healcalc to be preferable to AMR simply because you can set up rotations and such. Seeing how individual spells are influenced is very important.

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