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    I tried switching to warlock around the start of MoP and quickly went back to my mage. Can't play without portals, blink, greater invis, and iceblock, lol. Sometimes I feel like we are spoiled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightfall View Post
    Too bad SP is pretty bad right now.
    Spriests aren't bad at all. They just gear and that insane black blood trinket.

    Not sure why you think they are bad? If anything is bad, it's an ele shaman on single target fights lol

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    Get full 496 ilvl gear from the Isle, upgrade it and get into SoO LFR + Flex.

    Problem solved, just play what you enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by munchkin View Post
    Haha, thanks buddy. Yeah, for some reason I felt "fake" and not myself. While playing, I just wasn't happy. The excitement that I had before has come back now since I'm leveling a mage again. Lesson learned - stay true to who you are and the grass isn't always greener, that's for sure.
    Exactly how I felt when I started working seriously on my pally tank back in Cata. Just too many things about my warriors that I missed (mobility, etc). Was nice to learn how they work, but yeah, warrior is where my heart is. Well, and hunter, but that doesn't really apply to a tanking chat. :P

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    Slow decay dot dmg sounds like affliction. You should try Destruction which is somewhat like a fire mage, a little less cc, but a bit more survivability.

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    Whats with all the people claiming class loyalty? I played a warrior all through out WotLK, than in cata I played my mage/hunter.
    Now I main a rogue.
    You rolled a warlock and didn't like it.
    This necessitated a thread?

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    I quit shortly after MoP came out. Deleted my (original) mage and closed my account via Blizzard so it wouldn't be recoverable so that I wouldn't be tempted to come back.

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    Mage = easy and OP;
    Warlock = Hard and Op if mastered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Mage = easy and OP;
    Warlock = Hard and Op if mastered.
    I'd hardly consider warlocks as "hard" to play, especially with addons like AffDots...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Mage = easy and OP;
    Warlock = Hard and Op if mastered.
    This again? Warlocks are not really that hard to play. Maybe demo takes some getting used to, but its pretty fluid once you get the hang of it. Afflic and Desto are pretty easy.

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