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    Protadin LF 10 man/Flex group

    Hello everyone.

    Faedrick here and I am currently in the need of a guild. I am a Prot Paladin, as well as a Hunter, who is currently looking for a somewhat mature late night 10 Man or Flex group.

    I have been raiding since BC, with a little break during Cata, and I am incredibly excited to get into SoO ! I raid to have fun, but ultimately I do want to kill bosses. I enjoy going into raids, wiping on bosses and constantly improving. Finding that group that likes to have fun but knows when to turn it on when it counts.

    I work second shift, so I get off work around 9:30PM EST every night. I am available weekdays after 10PM until about 3AM.

    I am willing to transfer and/or faction change, but of course I would have to make sure the group type fits fairly well before I was to do so. As I stated before, I would prefer to tank but DPS is another option if necessary.

    If you believe that I might be a good fit for your raid team, please do not hesitate to reply here, message me on here or add me in game. Krames#1425

    Faedrick (Prot Paladin): us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Faedrick/
    Faedronis (Hunter): us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Faedronis/

    Thanks for your time!
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    still looking for normal SoO group!

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