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    I did not start playing this game to fight the same boss 4 different times in one week. This game was way more entertaining and satisfying when bosses had their own unique models and heroic mode didn't exist. Why would I want to even try heroic mode? It's the same exact looking boss. It has no appeal to me.

    If I want to do "hard mode", I'll log onto Diablo 3, thanks.

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    They are aimed at different people, Blizzard themselves said this.

    LFR is aimed at people who otherwise wouldn't have the time to raid, flex is to replace the "10 man ICC" PuGs that disappeared. 4 levels is not overkill since the vast majority won't run 4

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    Until Blizzard removes tier/trinkets/weapons from LFR, they are definitely not aimed at different people.

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    No, it are four variations on the same content that is aimed at four different kind of players.
    You're not really expected to do all of them, you just pick the mode that suits you the best and you try that.

    A slight difference is with hardmodes since you have to beat normal first.

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