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    Possibly Returning... Should I?

    Hello everyone,

    Let me preface this by saying I quit shortly into HoF. Raid content wasn't that compelling, the story wasn't either, and daily quests feel like a job. So I packed er' up and have been clean for about 7 months now. My question to all of you at MMO:C: How are the new raids? I'd obviously be spending some time in ToT gearing up. Are scenarios any more robust (in a good way)? How's PVP panning out for MoP? Any class suggestions (no warrior or pally, I want to play something new) for good raid dps, and at least decent PVP performance?

    My last question, are there any perks to returning? I noticed the Scroll of Resurrection is no longer available, is there any comparable program I'm not seeing?

    Any other advice you guys could give me would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.


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    New raids are great until you get burnt out on them.

    Short answer: don't return unless you're a social person and can find a good guild full of fun people. My guild is the only reason I'm sticking around, at least after the raid content.

    SoO is really fun.
    ToT is really fun.

    PVP is AWESOME now in 5.4 (quite balanced, I mean), but I don't pvp.

    Hunting for transmogs is something I do on occasion as well.

    waiting. for. Wild Star.

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    you can get now a free week of gametime for returning, chech the wow site or even your own e-mail.
    during 5.3 i was given an e-mail for a free week and for 5.4 im getting it again.
    thats the only thing currently

    you will need some ToT gear tho before able to que up for SoO

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    Thanks guys. Any advice on a solid DPS class, that performs decently in PVP? I was thinking Warlock, maybe shadow Priest. Its been years since I've played a squishy.

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    Bumping threads isn't allowed. As well, we don't allow "Help Me Choose My Class" requests. That's a personal choice you have to make for yourself.

    There is a free week available to come back and see how awesome the game still is for you, so feel free to take advantage of that

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