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    Help to config Tell me when !

    I just got my Purified bindings of Immerseus, and I'd want to know :
    -when my trinket is up (buff lasts 20s)
    -how much time before my trinket can proc (115s ICD)

    Is there any way Tell me when can show both on the same icon ?

    (ps : sorry if this is the wrong place to post that)

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    both at the same time? or the buff when it's up and the ICD when it's down?

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    I think WeakAuras can help you more with the ICD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pnutbutter View Post
    the buff when it's up and the ICD when it's down?
    This. When it's up, the buff and the time left on it (from 20 seconds to zero), and the icd when it's down (from 115-20=95s to zero).

    I know about weakauras, but I'd prefer to use TMW if it can show me what I want.

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    I dont think you can use the same icon for both buff duration and ICD, but i guess you can enable another bar and put it above the trinket icon, configure it normaly for icd but hide the icon, so only the number will show.

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    it's pretty simple, but you'll need 2 hidden icons for it.
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