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    GW2 was never centered around role playing

    it's a combat sim first and foremost, one that is set in a pretty world

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    That new armor is beyond ugly, easily the worst looking armor in the game. I guess that's one way to get people to buy Transmutation Crystals.

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    The helms are horrific, but i do like they heavy set and how the light set looked on a human female.

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    One of my major gripes with gw2 is that gear doesn't look very good..i just can't seem to find any armour that i like the look of

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    Damn, that looks about as bad as t16 in WoW...
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    I think the heavy set looks good, especially on human male. The other ones don't really look good on any race or gender in my opinion. If there was any profession I would pimp out in full ascended it would be a heavy armor wearer, since I actually like some of the ascended weapons they can use and now the heavy ascended armor.

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    It's doubtful they purposefully design the armors to be unattractive, but whoever they have in charge of that certainly doesn't have a very pleasing aesthetic. >_<

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    These armor sets are somewhat a hit and miss, depending on the race/gender of your character.
    I did really like the heavy set, despite it having some room for improvement.

    Something I also really liked were the boots on the charr/asura.
    My biggest gripe with footwear on those races was that the boots almost always seemed to stop halfway down the foot, instead of completely covering it.
    In these sets, however, the boots do seem to completely cover the foot, which is a leap forwards in my book.
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    2 mediums 8/10 , light and heavy 1/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    One of my major gripes with gw2 is that gear doesn't look very good..i just can't seem to find any armour that i like the look of
    Do you happen to play a Char mostly? Just curious because I find finding gear that looks good on char to be really difficult. Especially helms. My other characters I have been able to find looks I like a lot pretty easily.

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    Yay more gear treadmill i am not gonna do at all. Exotics should never have been replaces by that shit called ascended gear just so a few people crying would have "something" to do when there is so many things to do already.

    "Gating" weapons and armor and making them stronger than exotics is just a failure.

    Don't get me wrong i love arenanet a lot but 1 thing they are doing wrong is catering to 5% of the community because those 5% are to stupid to actually know what to do at level 80.

    And no i do not have anything ascended, won't ever get it but i do have a legendary and did not care much for "as good as ascended" stat really. For me it could be an Exotic weapon for all i care.

    But yeah thankfully i don't have to do this stupid power creep/gear treadmill as i refuse playing WoW 2

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