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    Nazgrim didn't need any nerf.
    I'm a bit disapointed.

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    omg! can i stop getting nerfed >.< i swear 18% on KS before patch now 15% on everything after wtf!

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    Look at all those LFR nerfs. Pathetic.

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    Are these MORE Brewmaster nerfs? Jesus those guys got hit hard. That's what, four rounds of nerfs in a row?

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    LFR is hard because people dont pull their weight and slack, nerfing it is only going to produce even worse players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    LFR is hard because people dont pull their weight and slack, nerfing it is only going to produce even worse players.
    Hey at least good players can afk now . And let them do the dirty job.

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    Now that Naz has been nerfed, I suppose i'll have to troll it now. No more free wipes.


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    Lol at people finding anything to qq about, it's lfr who gives a shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWP View Post
    Lol at people finding anything to qq about, it's lfr who gives a shit
    QQuing about bugs are normal or some overtuned mobs like the slimes which killed most of the times tanks while shamans weren't that deadly...
    But QQuing about Nazrim, was uncessary because it was just a matter of focus so yeah, I hated theses complains, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWP View Post
    Lol at people finding anything to qq about, it's lfr who gives a shit
    IMHO QQ'ing about Bliz taking the easy way out, and completely ignoring the real issue is appropriate QQ.

    I think the vote kick debuff getting nuked, would allow the community to police itself more effectively in LFR. Though, an increased threat of being booted would probably only mean an increased "quick pull" strategy by those who know they are going to be kicked. In the end there would have to be some sort of kharma rating for players, and if your constantly being kicked from groups, then you wouldn't be able to queue.

    But hey ... it's the end of the expansion. There is very little point to doing LFR. It isn't fun.

    // 536 SV Hunter looking for casual Flex group : weeknights 9-12 preferred.

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    They nerfed locks way too hard and its fucked up. Now we are one of the lowest on the list. Yeah sure for multidotting & such, locks are still great, but single target is just trash now. They really need to fix this bullshit.

    Dis comment... i mean... wtf... i just...

    Tell you what, I'll trade your "shitty" single target dps for mine, k?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar View Post
    Elitists make me laugh sometimes.
    Yeah, that guy is hilarious. Top comment is: "In other games, random matchmking is working. (kinda). So you need to look at what they did differently. Example is dota2."
    This guy clearly never set foot in a random DOTA/LOL (or any shooter for that matter) match where everyone is just busy calling everyone else noobs, cheaters and other names.

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    Even more Brewmaster nerfs? Were Brewmasters really hitting that hard? Really?

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    "The following bind-on-pickup items are no longer able to be traded between players: Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent" think that is abit retarded, i can understand if blizz dont players to sell them for tons of gold, but what if you already have that mount and you get it again and you wanna give it away cause you dont need it(wich i did after i got my second mount drop), its impossible now with that change.. so now instead of trading it and make someone happy its now just vendorjunk(if it even can be vendored).. dumbest change ever realy...

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    Nazgrim LFR was just frustrating, glad it is nerfed. Either Blizzard need to make more warnings ingame or make him unattackable while in defensive stance, for LFR only of course. Or better yet, make him reflect 100% of all damage taken so people are individually punished without wiping the raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    Look at all those LFR nerfs. Pathetic.
    LFR is meant to be easy. It is not meant to be a challenge. It is meant so that folks can see the content and get the FEEL of raiding. If you go to or expect a challenge from LFR, you're doing it wrong.

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    another Warlock nerf????
    fuc* you blizzard

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    So make all the Humans and Undead that everyone rolled back in BC and WotLK to do arena gimped. No point in even having those racials now... shared CD's with trinks and now its basically mandatory to wear it anyway. So now other races get good racials and humans and undead get stuck with nothing. Sure it still has a use in PvE, but thats not the issue at hand.
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    Good despite I don't do LFR much anymore I do it from time to time to try and get a god dam trinket lol

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    Good job, Brewmasters were too much fun as squishy high damage offtanks, just make them squishy useless tanks in general. How dare anybody play anything besides Mistweaver.

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