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    Fury vs Arms for challenge modes

    Which is better? I've read threads saying fury TG, and I've seen others saying that arms is better for lower gear levels, I'm leaning towards arms but does anybody have any experience with this?

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    I did it as fury back in 5.0/5.1, can't say it was that great. Whirlwind AoE felt lacking and when the majority of it is cleaving large pulls down I'd go Arms now.
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    I boosted challenge modes as arms even before the 5.4 arms buffs.

    The deep wounds buff will make arms more than worth it on trash, and now it can keep up with the singletarget .

    Fury is almost more work for little reward in challenge modes, you may as we'll go arms.

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    arms arms arms

    even with an optimized set as fury the most crit you are going to get is like 13k

    though fury probably does better ST if you have enough luck and cleave and is now a little less dependent on BT crits with Stormbolt doing pretty nice damage

    but i prefer arms all day every day. fury just doesn't have a lot going for it, for me it was even just impossible to get gold in PG because of the complete lack of consistent damage. didnt crit, couldnt rb, was always out of rage. very unreliable. cakewalk as arms.

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    ty all for the feedback, sounds like arms blows fury out of the water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonycboom View Post
    ty all for the feedback, sounds like arms blows fury out of the water
    Most of the damage you need to do is AoE/Cleave, so Arms will destroy Fury.

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    I should really try to redo some Challenge Modes as a dps.

    Back in 5.0/5.1 I did them in Fury spec and it was decent. Now, with the Bladestorm buff and the RB buff, I expect the Fury spec t be totally viable in there.
    And yes, Arms spec is supposed to be better than Fury spec in CMs, especially in 5.4. So I expect the spec to be REALLY good now.

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    Arms is way to go, fury lacks fluent rotation which can cause lack of damage to trash and bosses. Fury has great single/multi target burst with cd's up as arms requires no crits, they are just a bonus. Arms also has strong Deep Wounds, all around cleave (tho t16 2pc does not work there, so you might find yourself rage starved sometimes) and it's single target is better at the 463 ilvl range.

    But if you are not aiming for realm best times/world best times if you can go which spec you ever prefer.

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