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    Blizzcon Panel/etc. videos after the fact

    Never been playing at the same time as a Blizzcon so I'm not sure how it works. Do Virtual Tickets only apply to live streams? Are there other non-official livestreams to watch? Are videos of the announcements / panels /etc. uploaded at a later date?

    Was tempted to buy a ticket but they I saw the pricetag of £25... nah...

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    Like everything on the internet you can also get it for free, there are enough people who buy a ticket and "re-stream" it.
    And most important stuff will appear on YouTube or on torrents.
    The bonus of a ticket is that you can switch to the shows you want and it has ten times as better quality as those re-streams.
    After watching those shows last time I have decided to buy a ticket this year.

    IIRC they will stream some stuff for free.

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    Purchasing the virtual ticket gives you access to streams of all the stages *and* lets you rewatch any panel/announcement/event after they happen, and you can rewatch any of it for around 2 weeks after Blizzcon is over.

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    Plus with the virtual ticket you get all the in-game goodies.
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    I'm asking what you can do without a ticket,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasc View Post
    I'm asking what you can do without a ticket,
    Play the game as usual?

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    Without a ticket you can watch the opening ceremony and some of the tournaments. No access to panels or discussions.
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    and you can rewatch any of it for around 2 weeks after Blizzcon is over.
    Or, with the magic of YouTube, you can watch it whenever you like however long after Blizzcon you wish to.

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    Last Blizzcon I had a virtual ticket and I think that all panels/discussions were up for at least a week afterwards, possibly two weeks. Especially useful as even if you're watching them live - there are sometimes more than one thing happening at once. That being said, they didn't take down youtube videos or anything with re-recorded content so if you don't mind waiting, there will be videos up, as well as tons and tons of info going up on the front page here pretty damn quickly. I think the virtual ticket is most useful if you either want to watch it live, or would like the in-game perks. I've always gotten the ticket and considered it worth it

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