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    bindable key names?


    I am trying to find a list of the bindable key names, for example the code below, trying to bind a macro to the key "HOME" fails, because it isn't called HOME. but if I were to bind it to PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN it is fine. Yet I can bind to the homekey in the blizzard bindings menu, so I just need the correct name for the key. Is there a complete list of keys anywhere?

    local mybutton = CreateFrame("Button", "HOME", UIParent, "SecureActionButtonTemplate");
    mybutton:SetAttribute("macrotext","/y Come get cookies!\n/cast Summon Soulwell");
    SetOverrideBindingClick(mybutton, true, "HOME", "HOME");
    Edit: I probably shouldn't be using setoverridebinding for my 'standard' binds... but oh well :P

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    Don't know about a complete list, but for your specific example you could just bind the jump action to the home button in the blizzards bindings and use GetBindingKey("Jump") to get the correct name.

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    Try KEY_HOME, see if that works.


    Seems to be a list of localised global strings, the names we see defined along with the actual name of the bindings.

    Search for first occurrence of KEY_ on that page, and read down through the list.
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    Hmm, that listing is interesting, although it differs to keys I already have bound, maybe either alias works - in any case will test after raid, tyvm.

    That GetBindingKey is handy too - it seems to tell me that "HOME" is valid - yet it wasn't working.. will need to test again.
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