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    Looking for help on Galakras 10N

    Our 10-man made it to Galakras last night and had a real hard time; We never made it past phase one. I've perused some of the other Galakras help threads around here and have some ideas for improving, but I was hoping someone could take a look at our logs and see if there's anything we're missing. We never made it to phase 2 and typically tended to wipe right around the time when the second tower group was going up. I looked over all the death logs and while there are a few deaths due to avoidable stuff (skullcracker, tower knockback, flame breath), there are also quite a few that (I think) are unavoidable such as drakefire and tidal wave. The player we had shooting down drakes complained that some of the drakes were showing "immune" when he tried to shoot them down, has anyone else experienced this?

    For all of our attempts, we were sending two dps, a tank, and a healer up the tower as soon as each demolisher was dead. One of the things I see mentioned a lot is sending all DPS up for the first tower, which I think we'll try next week when we get back to Galakras. Other than that, I'm not really sure where we can improve, so hopefully someone can take a look at the logs and give us some advice. I believe we're all between 530 and 540 item level, with four players in legendary cloaks.

    worldoflogs. com/reports/rt-7rc0gzugm4q5nh9n/

    (sorry for not having a clickable link, this is a brand new account and I can't post links yet)

    Thanks in advance!

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    hi there.

    • rule number one - make sure you tank adds in Jaina's blizzard and NPCs standing by are helping out.
    • Banners, Shamans and Totems go down first.
    • Bonecrushers need to stunned when charging. For instance in a group with Shaman and Bonecrusher together you want to dps shaman and only stun bonecrusher.
    • On first tower send everyone besides tank and a healer up the stairs. I stay on the ground and tank drakes alone. Making sure drakes are in blizzard aoe and npcs help makes them die before rest of the team goes down.
    • We have 5man go up the second tower, as soon as mini boss dies, everyone jumps down and only one dps who will be manning the cannon stays and kills adds and well, mans the cannon.
    • After second demolisher you will have double shaman group then drakes then shaman+bonecrusher. When last shaman dies one dps runs to the first tower and we shoot the boss down.
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    The bonecrushes will become immune to stuns so don't stun them till they actually charge the npcs. They can also be death gripped or knocked back away from the npc's. Flame breath from the 2 little dragon trash adds is 100 percent avoidable for everyone but the tank who is picking them up. (assuming that's what you're talking about). Banners and totems have to be dead before it's called out to dps them, your dps need to pay attention and have them dead in 2 seconds or so. People also need to move out of the flame arrows as soon as they land. We just have our resto shammy put a healing rain down and the ranged just kinda of wiggle around in it when it lands at our feet and it is not something to worry about.

    Be sure your dps know the kill order and can execute it without being told mid fight. Banners, totems, shammies (must be interrupted), and demo's. The banners and totems should die before anyone is able to call it out.

    The way we've been doing it is send a tank, healer and 2 dps without stuns (shammy and mage for us) up to the first tower. Clear it and come down and help with trash. Then the same people do the 2nd tower and come back down and clean up trash. watch the dbm timer and about 15 seconds before the next trash spawn send the dps from the tower group up to the towers to shoot him down. If you have 1 or 2 trash mobs up at this point it's not that big of a deal so long as your dps doesn't zone out and ignore them. For us this usually lines up with just 2 of the little dragons and they die fast anyway and don't do anything that requires cd's with the boss. After that just stack up at max melee range and whoever get's targeted by the beam takes a few steps backwards( 8 yards is more than enough) and lets the group soak charges from the flame orb. People need to be able to move without being told to for this and the only person who should be moving at all at this point is the person targeted by the beam.
    We've used this strat since the first night and had it 2nd pull, several other guilds on our server use the same strat for this fight as well with no problems. Try it out, if it works for you great, if it doesn't hope it helps in some way.

    Once you get it enjoy the loot pinata that is the next boss, he's stupid easy.

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    In my 10 man group we only run 2 healers, and leave them on the ground for the whole fight. We also use a WW monk, ele shaman, bear for the towers, so there isnt much need for a healer up there. Remember that all the damage that is taken in the towers, aside from tank damage, is avoidable, so a healer is not really needed if the tank/dps on the tower can sustain enough healing while still doing lots of damage. I would say your paladin should be going in the tower, along with the enhance shaman and either the warlock or mage. Killing the main miniboss in the tower is a priority, but having some cleave/aoe speeds it up quite a bit. Also remember that it is about 2:50 between demolishers, so a few classes (shamans that i can think of) have cooldowns up for each tower they can use to speed things up (glyphed fire ele, ascendance, not really sure of other classes).

    I did say only 2 dps to go into the tower, because frankly the adds on the ground have lots more health and can cause lots more damage to the raid. You also dont want to push phase 2 while there are lots of adds up, so having more dps on the floor helps clean up each wave faster. And if you can afford it, having a healer go DPS spec can help a bit with P1, so long as everything else goes smoothly.

    And in regards to the "immune" to the cannon fire, if the emote saying galrakas was stunned goes out when that raid memeber says that, it means they were hitting the boss. Could be she is getting in the line of fire, or the weird controls. Both cannons have to hit the boss to knock her down, one to stun, one to ground, so there really won't be any accident phase pushes. The cannons controls are also rather weird, right click holding doesnt adjust the camera to center the targetting reticule, u have to move the camera with left click holding to get a better view of aiming.
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    Death Knights with the Glyph of Death Grip are amazing on this fight. We had 3 in our 10man raid last night and it was funny how the adds just fell over and died. Death grip the Shamans primarily, and archers secondarily into the fire/blizzard that your NPC puts down, and tank all the mobs in there. If you interrupt the Shamans Chain Heal, and kill the healing totems ASAP, the mobs will just melt. The only danger there should be is the banners that the flag bearers put down. Kill these ASAP and there shouldn't be too many problems.

    You can also interrupt and pull the shamans into the fire if you lack death knights.

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    First off you are going to want to send up 3 dps to the tower just to get it done fast as well as the standard 1 heal 1 tank. Keep the warlock and the hunter down to deal with adds as they both have some good burst AOE.
    As far as the tower you guys will not kill it until the people going in the tower (in your case i would do the shaman, mage, warrior, Pally tank, Monk healer) Avoid being knocked off. It was a problem for my team as well 1 or 2 people would fall off but we were pretty geared from the last tier so it didn't hurt too much we still recovered. But until those people can go up into the tower and handle it successfully it will be really hard to get anywhere past where you are. Now with that said the way we were handling towers is right after the mini boss was to die the tank and the healer would start heading up the tower while the entire raids dps kills the siege demolisher and the tank/healer combo would click the rope at the top to drop it and the dps would just climb it up. This allows time to squeeze in more dps without too much down time. Now this isnt something that will make or break the fight it is just something we were doing.

    As an above poster said holding the adds in the AoE from Jana is crucial to get the job done down below. As well as having CCs for the bone crushers and focusing them down first in the waves they are in. Also any waves with the shaman healers in them the hunter needs to throw an interrupt on them so they run into the cluster of melee mobs inside the blizzard from jana.

    All in all there really isn't too much you can screw up in this fight any mistake is just pretty obvious either someone falls off the tower or someone stands in shit until those individual mistakes get cleaned up there is not much you can do. As far as the last phase im sure by now you are getting there. Blowing hero later is better we were doing it ~ 40% you want to make sure your raid leader is calling for specific raid cooldowns as he/she sees them needed or else you get all the raiders popping everything at the same time in a panic when people get low leaving you with nothing to deal with the rest of the fight haha. I assure you people will get low =p

    I probably wasn't too much help but i don't think anyone can really say much to fix the problems you are having besides individual efforts in your raid team to not mess up! But good luck bud hope you get it down the rest of the raid is great! PM me if you have any questions for this boss or any other boss in the future i would be glad to help.

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    Just wanted to post back and say that we finally downed Galakras after a total of 26 pulls (yah, not much, but when you only raid ~5 hours a week it's a lot ). Everyone's posts here were very helpful. Some of you also sent me PMs, which I very much appreciate but I was unable to respond to because I don't have the forum permissions to do so. Just know that I saw your advice and we took it into account.

    Here's what we ended up doing to successfully down him:
    1. Rather than just making the whole thing an AoE-fest, we prioritized targets (totem > banner > shaman > bonecrusher) for single target damage while just cleaving the other mobs when available. I believe this had the largest impact - things were just dying to slow when people were doing a full AoE rotation.
    2. Better coordination of stuns so that stuns were not going on DR before bonecrushers actually started casting fracture.
    3. We sent one tank, one healer, and five DPS up the first tower (leaving one tank and two healers on the ground). I believe this had the second-largest impact - being able to quickly end the first tower phase let our healers recover a little.

    Once we got that down, it only took two attempts on Galakras himself (the ground phase) and we killed him. Nothing really special for us in this phase, just personal responsibility with positioning the fireball and moving out when stacks got too high.

    Thanks again to everyone for your help!
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