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    No luck for me either, Stormreaver.

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    Can't log in either currently on Tarren Mill EU

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    Can't log in either, Ravencrest.

    Thank you to Eis for this gorgeous sig! <3

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    Fuck sake, its typical that the one time you really want to play you cant get logged in.
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    Same here, Sylvanas.

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    damn, what am I gonna do with my life now?

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    Lets hope they are preparing our accounts for hearthstone beta access :P

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    So if everything is down that means they flipped the switch and they only do that when some serious shit is going down, gamebreaking stuff, like duping. I know one of you know exactly why and I want to know, so you should tell me.
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    Same here, i guess there updating there software or something.

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    I know a bunch of people are still logged in, I made the silly mistake of relogging and entirely exiting for reasons I no longer know.

    Thank you to Eis for this gorgeous sig! <3

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    US is down as well. At least was a few mins ago.

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    This is effin horse manure all over... doing stuff NOW during effin primetime? GG blizz, makes tons of money but are still virgins when it comes to handling IT and servers

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    this is total BS. It will take them at least until tomorrow afternoon to fix it, as is the norm in EU

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    I made a support ticket because atm i can't acces my account managemed and i can logg onto EU but i'm stuck on a starter edition but i've got mop this sucks just before raid time .

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    We are aware that some players are currently experiencing login issues and are investigating further. #WoW/#SC2
    Poysonivy @ Turalyon EU |

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    Easy mate, this is annoying yes but these things happen even with the best systems.

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    New client tries to log me in automatically -> You have been disconnected from the server ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasture View Post
    Always happens at raid time.....
    Indeed.. this is the only time I hate 25man raiding.. many people cannot log :<

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    looks like all the servers are down atm looks like blizzards servers ran out of juice

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