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    Question Skada vs SkadaHealAbsorbs

    Any point in using SkadaHealAbsorbs as Skada's healing tab is including absorbs?

    Guild Mate insists on it, I've read in some places that the SkadaHealAbsorbs is inflating numbers due to it counting some absorbs twice?

    Also some clarification on how Skada and SkadaHealAbsorbs deals with absorbs, does it include any absorb placed on a character or does it include only damage that has been absorbed?

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    Don't use it. If you want to give your guild mate a link you could use this one:

    Multiple people confirm that SkadaHealAbsorbs doubles absorbs in this thread.
    If you need some other justification just look on the date SkadaHealAbsorbs was last updated (1.5 years ago). Or simply compare with Recount or World of Logs absorb numbers.

    Skada (and Recount and WoL) of course only counts absorbs that are really used. Just like it doesn't count overhealing.
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