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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezzik View Post
    select few? LOL look at the poll
    Yes, select few and I emphasized that in my post. That's a couple hundred votes on a fansite here and the poll is still in favor of it staying. Now take the supposedly 7+ million players still playing and its not a stretch in the least to call it microscopic (essentially meaningless) even. Blizzard said its not going away anyway so everyone is only wasting their time on this subject.

    "Ninitendo, that new Smash Bros 3DS game you're releasing in 2014 alongside the BETTER Wii U version makes Wii U version worse just because and THAT'S WRONG! Please don't release the 3DS version as its for the handheld console scrubs!"

    That's how I see people against LFR arguments in my head and its fucking ridiculous to say the least. Enjoy what you play and leave the other people's game modes alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    The great irony of all these threads is that LFR is the flavour of raiding that is LEAST in danger of being removed.
    What flavour of raiding is the most in danger then?
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    LFR is going to be so nerfed to hell this tier it will be a terrible raiding experience. More will gravitate to flex and normal. I also like how blizzard used the normal looking tier gear for flex and normal, and lfr tier colors are the off ones. Not to say LFR will ever leave, but it's so dubbed down it's just really bad.

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    In Vanilla and BC..every thing you achieved made you better as the player...and further you moved in automatically becoming better skilled.

    Since defeat Heroic Shattered halls or Black Morass were real and Achievement. And the more you done of this really Hard were better prepared for raiding.

    It was used to be did not need only gear to become better, you needed to become more skilled to get that gear that was epicly looking and recognizable. Currently you just rush in half an hour through LFR and becoming the same as really skilled people..and LFR do not motivating you to become better player and stay in the game longer..

    That was not totally a grind game in was really the golden middle between hard content, casual playing..and the specs were different and most of them were playable and competitive..yes yes, i was elemental shaman who did not have CC or any thing like current mage DPS..but i was on par with others and we were TOP1 server guild with everything after tier 1 realm first in TBC..and our guildmaster never distinct the raider with his spec or class...only skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    2 people run LFR now that flex is the easy casual raiding style.

    1. Bads

    2. People who cannot find a raid or PuG to save their life.
    Ridiculous and stupid generalization!

    I was a hardcore raider - until halfway through Wrath - however times change and so did my time available. If one week, the only time I have available to raid is at 5 AM on a Monday - I shouldn't be able too?

    Get over yourself - you're really no more special in this pixelated world than anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    What flavour of raiding is the most in danger then?
    Personally I don't think any of them are although I do think that there's a chance that normal will be given flexible group rules at some point. Pre-made groups have easy (relatively), medium and hard. That's about right.

    Then there's LFR which is not about pre-made groups so is something quite different.
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    LFR has its uses. imo Throne of thunder lfr is amazing. its fun its easy as fuck and it beats some of the fights pugs struggle with in normal (tortos, duru, dark animus)

    as for SOO lfr.. well thats a diff story. which is why flex is more valuable over there. i dont mind having 4 difficulties.. thats 4 chances of getting gear anyway, and thats what wow is about for most people.

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    Remove LFR, make people actually have to look for a group to do relevant content. Then, in next expansion, make previous tier flexs queueable through the LFD tool with randoms.

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    The 10 different raid models is not working for me ... Don't really care wich one goes ... but LFR would be a good start
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    LFR can go for all i care every time i que there is always brazil mexico players that don't speak english and like to pull the boss causing wipes leaving after death.

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    LFR is easy. They even nerfed some encounters lately. Just people are extremally bad and they should learn.

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    I'm inclined to say no, it shouldn't stay in the game; LFR is generally unnecessary with Flex around, and is also generally not very fun. I'd probably even say that, overall, Flex as a system should be added to Normal mode, and Flex renamed.

    That way, we have... Easy(flex)->Normal(flex)->Heroic(10/25)! If you want to get even dickier, remove one of the Heroic sizes, or even make Heroic(15) the new size. I remember them saying that 15 was a pretty sweet spot a while ago.

    On people being bads and not being able to complete the content; There is absolutely nothing wrong with your game having standards. Over in GW2 land, the last two releases have been very grisly pieces of meat for people to sink their teeth into, and just about every piece of feedback is happy with it.
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    yes they should keep it
    it severs a purpose for those that just want to queue up, smash the boss, and carry on.

    Just like Flex serves a purpose, for groups that are more coordinated, allowing them better loot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Blackmore View Post
    I know the answer: none.

    Flaks simply doesn't get that there are aspects of LFR that can't be replaced with Flex.
    While I definitely now see the point you're making and apologize for overlooking it, I'll point out that it has been pivotal to harming the community at large to address the concerns of a few players here and there. And as much as I do not want to ignore certain players' concerns such as those of The Glitch, we must accept that the game did far better when it held players accountable for their actions, even if it alienated the folks that couldn't stick around for a whole raid or couldn't spend time looking for a group (both of these concerns would also be addressed through a global Flex raid chat channel across realms).
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    No there is no need for that many raid modes.
    It's an MMO for god's sake, play it like one. If you want to see content, there needs to be a minimum of effort. --> Pug a flex raid.
    The easy normal modes worked well in DS for the pugs and casuals and was actually fun. I know quite a few people (non-raiders) that do not enjoy lfr at all and afk through it. Now I know about anecdotal evidence, but it's for those people that lfr is made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    They have to keep it because they gave the bads a way to feel like they're not bad.
    Isn't that the reason why they added Flex in addition to Normal and Heroic?
    Both statements are nonsense and you know it.

    I hate looking for PUGs and can't be bothered to deal with a raiding guild.
    Also, I like doing my raids right after the reset, when even with virtual realms there won't be as many people available as with the regular queue system. Two very good reasons for me to like LFR.
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    Virtual realms are coming so i quess they should make lfr be more like flex as i cant rly understand if some1 wants to get gear, why he cant use 15min to get grp for it?

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    Well where else would I afk for gear if lfr was gone ?

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    I have sincere question for the people voting in favour of getting rid of LFR.

    If you dislike the LFR system so much, why do you use it?

    If the answer to the above question is "I don't", why do care it exists? Does it interfere with your game somehow?

    I voted yes, I'm in an awesome yet casual guild that does one flex (normal before 5.4) raid a week max. If it wasn't for LFR I wouldn't raid at all. I love raiding for the story and scenery, heck I can even enjoy the mechanics in a fight even in LFR. I'm rather blessed with very few toxic LFR groups although I put that one down to karma, behave like a real and decent human being in LFR and you usually get treated as such.

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    Like others are saying, if anything needs to change, normal mode should become flex.
    25 LFR -> 10-25flex normal -> 10,25 heroic.

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