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    <Aeon> (1/14 H SoO) LF non-druid healer!

    Derped the last post and posted an old thread. Oops.

    *Paid transfer for the right applicant*

    Aeon is currently a 10 man guild on Whisperwind and is looking for a non-druid healer. Our raid times are Tue-Thur (8:00 to 11:30 EST). Invites start 15min before the raid. We of course will consider anyone who feels they would be a great fit for us.

    We don't require 100% attendance from anyone, and we understand real-life happens. We simply ask you give us a heads up on raids you will miss.

    MOP Progression -
    Currently we're 1/14 H SoO
    We went 9/13H ToT
    We went 6/6H MSV 4/6H HoF 1/4H ToES 10man (This is pre-nerf of course)
    GOLD Challenge Modes - Some of us have full gold. Others do not, however, we do these weekly and always try for gold.

    View our website for a complete list of class needs, even if we don't need your class, we might need you as we are always open to excellent players of any class/role. And of course our website will have the most up-to-date class needs so check it out!

    About you:
    While we don't require a certain item level, we do prefer above 550+, however, we will discuss all that at a different time. We also require that you are at a minimum of 14/14. Many of our players are more progressed than that, but that is what we're looking for at an absolute minimum.

    You know your class/spec and you know it well. You take constructive criticism, but understand, in no way are we tools about it. As long as you are open to suggestions, that is all we ask.

    You research the fights. We don't explain the fights. The most we will provide is a quick breakdown of what we will be doing. It's on you to know the fight.

    You gear your self to the best of your abilities and you like to maximize your character (Professions, Gems, Enchants and Spec). You always come prepared to raids with every consumable you could need.

    You are able to communicate well, both written and/or verbally.

    If you have any questions please contact Rorschach (Throne#1507)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bumping for some good healers to come do heroics!!

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    Bump. Still looking for some good healers

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