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    Looking for advice

    Hey there, after having a terrible start at challenge modes at the beginning of MoP, my guild has decided to reattempt them.
    We currently have managed Silver Rating on Gate of the Setting Sun but are having insane difficulty on the first bridge with the bombs and sappers.
    Our combo is:
    Prot Pally
    Frost DK
    Disc Priest
    Survival Hunter
    Frost Mage/Arms Warrior (They are interchangeable depending who is on and we have achieved silver with both. However the Frost mage is a better player.)

    Other than popping all CDs what are some tips? Our tank seems to die within a second if the healer gets touched with a sapper even when avoiding bombs.

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    Make sure you space your defensive cooldowns out and not blow everything all at once. Also stack tightly to avoid line of sight issues with smoke bomb. There is no way the tank should be able to die that quickly as long as you chain the cooldowns properly.

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