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    Levelling pets using Whispering Pandaren Spirit.


    With the celestial tournament around i find myself levelling a lot more pets. My question is, is anyone familiar with using the Whispering Pandaren Spirit for it? I can beat him + Burning Pandaren Spirit using 1 pet easily but i can't repeat the battle. I've read about battling them more than once per day but i can't figure out how to do this. I can't abandon the quest once i beat him, nor can i fight him again.

    Any tips on how to accomplish this or even if it's still possible are welcome!


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    You cannot beat them more than once a day.

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    I am not 100% sure that it still works, but it used to. You could only repeat the battle if you did not complete the initial quest to defeat the spirits. Once you have completed that quest, they are daily only.

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    Guess i'm boned then since i have completed that, and they only offer the dailies now.

    Solved then, thanks!

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    A little off topic, but do you mind sharing which pet it is that you solo the spirits with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellhowl View Post
    A little off topic, but do you mind sharing which pet it is that you solo the spirits with?
    Whispering can be soloed easily with Emerald Prot-Whelp

    Burning with Idol

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    Most if not all of the daily trainers can be beat with 2 pets and 1 leveling pet.

    Easiest is probably Aki, the cricket's only damaging move is swarm, which one hit of wont kill a lvl 1 pet. Emerald proto can then solo it without taking damage. Dragon can be easily killed by a lot of things, I generally use a scourge whelp, then the otter is easy to solo with the emerald proto whelp.

    Emerald proto can also solo the first 2 pets from the jade forest trainer, so anything that can kill the turtle is enough to earn your leveling pet some xp from that fight.

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    You have to set your lvl1 as first. Start the fight and then swap? Or you have to attack with your lvl 1?

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    you have to do at least one move with your levelling pet before swapping it out. That's why it has to be able to take at least one hit.

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    Know the dailies, know when to move in your lvling pet..
    Some pets @ lvl 1 wont survive the damage some spells do to your whole team.

    Spirit Crab / Emperor's Crab and a Emerald Proto Drake can solo most.

    I even lvl'd a pet on a trainer @ the celestial tournament, was 2nd week EU rotation.
    Thought it was Wise Mari, thats just fight and reset instance.
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