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    What Are You Spending Your Timeless Coins On?

    I was saving up for the 100,000 coin mount, but found that coins are a lot easier to get than reputation with Shao is. So now I have over 130,000 (and only half way through honored). I have enough Burdens in my bags to not need to buy any and the 496 armor tokens seem like a gamble because you can't buy specific armor slot tokens.

    So, I was curious. What are you spending your coins on?

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    The Sky Lantern and gambling until I get Bonkers. Nothing else interests me, and the Shaohao grind is unbearable.
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    im saving up for the mount. burdens i can wait and see if any more drop. i was gonna get a trinket but ill see what drops in lfr.

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    nothing... cba grinding rep for mount and other stuff the vendors are selling is useless to me

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    Nothing. Atm I'm sitting on more than 150k coins, but don't know what to spend them on.
    Don't really care about the mount - plus I absolutely can't be bothered to grind any rep.

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    I keep bringing too many different characters to the Isle to be saving up for anything specific yet Trying to gear 2 different alts to the point that they can flex raid and each has about 40k coins on them -- probably getting a trinket since their gear isn't that good -- I just have to bite the bullet and finish getting the coins, now.

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    gambling for burdens. I've thrown away 2 bonkers now because I got 3 so quickly.
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    I already got a burden and a tanking trinket and the teleport trinket. Now I'm sitting at 40k coins and I'll be getting the mount for 100k. I'm halfway through revered, so it should be soon! The daily quest makes the grind alright.

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    Unfortunately, I think so many people complained about daily quests, that Blizzard swung the pendulum in the exact opposite direction when it came to Shaohao rep. Either they need to increase the rep from some of the more dangerous elites/bosses (50-75 for the ones in Ordos' area for example). Or add a daily at each rep level. Or let you spend coins on items that grant rep per use.

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    nothing, cos timeless isle is dominated by alliance on outland ><

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    Mogu Runes of Fate so whenever I go back to kill mount dropping bosses from 5.2 I'll have an extra chance at the mount.

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    Saving at least 100k for the mount when I hit exalted, the extra I spend on mogu and pets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Mogu Runes of Fate so whenever I go back to kill mount dropping bosses from 5.2 I'll have an extra chance at the mount.
    That's a smart idea. Saving up for level 95!

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    Gambling for burdens of eternity to get rid of my 522 ring. So far I've wasted 3 burdens on rings to receive 3 rings with only 1 secondary stat. Sigh.

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    On my main - Saving up so I can buy the mount next expansion.
    On my alt - Spending on Mogu Runes of Fate when I get gear enough to pug ToT nhc/hc

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    I was going to say, Harmonious Porcupette doesn't seem like a bad coin dump, but they're only going for 1k gold here. (for 7500 coins)

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    I've been buying and selling Harmonious Porcupettes. They aren't going for much, but there isn't much to spend coins on. I've also gotten Bonkers, the trinket with the Timeless Isle teleport and the Sky Lantern.

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    Bought a trinket, leaving 100k for the mount if I ever feel the need to go through the Hell of grinding to exalted at level 95.
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    Nothing so far just accumulating for the mount currently have 14k. With a rep level of 0/6000. So, taking my time on the rep.

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