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    Got the trinket,teleport trinket,porcu pet,3 bonkers and sitting on 112k at about halfway through revered. Never had a burden from the chests despite spending sh*tloads, managed to get 5 from mobs on my main but not lucky like that on my alt yet.
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    Mogu Runes ofc. If you don't need ToT gear you still need for 2x weekly mount kills.
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    Saving up so I can just buy the pet and the mount as soon as I get to the right rep levels, got about 130k atm. Regularly buy the gliders too so I can get up to Garnia and/or down to Huolon and Bufo when they spawn.

    I wonder if anyone complaining about the rep grind for Shaohao has ever posted in a thread on mmo-champ asking for the 'glory days of vanilla' to be brought back
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    Gambling in hopes of a pet or something that isn't more coins. Lol.

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    Already over 100k coins on my main and just 4-5k into honored. I'll be spending any excess coins on BoA caches to send to my enchanter.

    Really hate the rep grind. High health mobs, low amount of mobs and annoying abilities that require you to pay attention non-stop and very little in return. They should just add a Grand Commendation you can buy at revered (to help with the rep on alts) and add another daily or two. Or even add a rep token you can buy with Timeless Coins, since you get way more from rep farming than you can spend, unless you're really needing the 535 Timeless gear.

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    Buying the mount, then the trinket for my offspec. Then maybe some of the other items if I cbf

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