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    Radar "facing" arc hides nodes?

    Is there a way to fix this bug? Is it a widely-experienced bug?

    It is frustrating as hell and I hope there is a way to fix it. I can't post it on the official forum (banned for 2 weeks for swearing one time - take note!).

    http://i43.tinypic.com/2zohwsy.jpg - while facing away
    http://i39.tinypic.com/2ro0vp5.jpg - while facing toward - literally just rotated on the spot. Look at the difference in radar.

    If I had to explain it in words, it's as if the node has to be much closer to me for me to see it on the radar when I am facing it than when I am facing away from it - I have to be about half as far from the node to see it on the radar while my vision arc is over it.

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    Same thing happens to me when I am looking for a vendor on the minimap. All I do is just swing the radar a full 360 for it to pop up.

    Not sure if it is a widely reported glitch or not though. Annoying? Yes. Gamebreaking? No. So we pobably won't see a fix for a while yet.

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