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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    Then that's worth it to make the game fresh again.
    The game will never be fresh again. No matter how many different abilities you have, it's still wow. And it's still going to be the same wow. And everything has a finite timeline. WoW will dwindle. Nothing will stop it. The game is ten years old. It's going to lose ppl.

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    This would be a lot more interesting thread if you had provided some examples sandmoth. As it is, it's pretty pointless. FYI, one of the main reasons that people already quit is too much change.

    So there's that.
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    hey look, another sandmoth topic

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    Just went to the OP's profile to check him out and it says "sandmoth12 has not made any friends yet" with posts like this no wonder...

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    I think they'd lose as many subs as they're "potentially" gain, if not more. A new combat system isn't going to be the type of feature that will attract a bunch of new players, and I know I can say for myself, if I wanted to learn a new combat system or completely learn a new class, I'd reroll or play a different MMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laz View Post
    Just went to the OP's profile to check him out and it says "sandmoth12 has not made any friends yet" with posts like this no wonder...
    I don't have any friends either as far as I know and I have 1600 posts. What's your point?

    And just to add more humor to your post, you have no friends either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    What if blizzard completely wiped every skill and ability from all class, and completely redesigned every class from a clean slate for the next expansion?

    To me class are the core of the game because nearly every major and minor thing a player does he does is with his/her class. To me the classes have stayed the same for way too long. Sure we get new skills and mechanics from time to time, but when was the last time that you heard from blizzard in a patch note "we completely redesigned X class". Exactly, because have never heard that. It's time for a paradigm shift.

    Wow is plummeting in subs. If there was ever a time for big changes, then it's right now.
    Not everything. But I would be OK with certain spells or abilities not scaling to level after a certain level and becoming obsolete. This would make space for novel spells and abilities.

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