View Poll Results: What spec do you currently play and which would you rather be playing?

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  • I play Fire but I prefer Frost

    7 2.97%
  • I play Fire but I prefer Arcane

    7 2.97%
  • I play Fire and enjoy it

    59 25.00%
  • I play Arcane but I prefer Frost

    20 8.47%
  • I play Arcane but I prefer Fire

    26 11.02%
  • I play Arcane and enjoy it

    50 21.19%
  • I play Frost but I prefer Fire

    19 8.05%
  • I play Frost but I prefer Arcane

    9 3.81%
  • I play Frost and enjoy it

    59 25.00%
  • I'm not playing my Mage this tier

    18 7.63%
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Thread: Spec Poll (PVE)

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    I change to arcane from fire yesterday, because of the weak DPS for combustion. I am trying to adapt the new arcane, lot changes form Path 4.3, I am reading your Arcane PVE Guide for some help, hope the new talent work well in 5.4.

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    I like Fire, but at the moment I am forced to go Arcane, since I had bad luck with token drops in SoO. I have T15 4 pc HC, though, so leaving Fire for the moment is the obvious choice. At least I am rocking the meters, so that diminishes the disgust in playing a spec I don't like.

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    I'm currently Arcane and enjoying it. I was arc for a lot of last tier and managed 10/13 H as it. Was never a big fan of the RNG of Fire. I do enjoy frost, hence why it is my offspec. Always liked the twitch play style of it but I always hated the fucking ele. Wish we could glyph it to remove it and have it's damage just baked into our other spells.

    Most importantly, I am a mage first and foremost. I will play what the raid requires and what does the best for the situation at hand. I may enjoy arcane but I enjoy blowing up meters and killing bosses more.

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