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    [Addons] Information overload! Need help/suggestions! (short video included)

    tldr; Need (detailed) advice on how to make MSBT look less messy or better addon alternatives if there are any.

    So as some of you might remember I returned to the game about 3-4 weeks ago after a rather long break and made a thread about the "essential addons" etc... I'm generally pretty happy with how my UI turned out so far. My Grid, Weakauras, Unitframes etc are all looking pretty much like I want them to.

    The problem is my battle-text (using Miks atm). There's just text EVERYWHERE, covering my whole damn screen and It's hard to read anything from it.
    I've set up all other addons myself but for some reason i just can't seem to figure Miks out.

    Rather than trying to put it into words, I'll just show you what it looks like. This is a short recording from a LFR I joined for the sake of this thread.
    (select 1080p if you actually want to see anything...)

    (Keep in mind that I'm not looking for criticism of my playing, I'm pretty much just pressing buttons to make stuff happen in this vid).

    Also how do I get rid of the annoying tooltips that keep popping up in the bottom right corner every time I mouseover something?
    Feel free to leave any other tips you think would be helpful in regards to my UI.

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    Try lowering your font size and changing it to something more smooth such as arial. The cartoony font that is default tends to make the screen look abit messy imo

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    > Scrolling Areas I think it's called
    > then uncheck everything except for outgoing (and incoming if you want it)

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    First of all, you have two sets of battle texts going on there - the default Blizz one and msbt. So disable the Blizz one through Interface>Floating Combat text.

    As for msbt, as others have said, reduce font sizes/colours to suit and you can also configure the eventsyou want to show through each specific scroll area. By default there are 4 scroll areas, Incoming, Outgoing, Notifications and Static. All are configurable to show only the events you want to show, or not show the entire area. You can also resize the scroll areas and change the way it animates. I have mine set to flow horizontal instead of vertical, which suits me as I don't like the spam on the screen for too long :P

    As for the tooltip, you have a few choices, either use an addon that moves Blizz frames like Move Anything, or use a tooltip addon - or go for a new UI like Elvui

    Like you, I messed around for a very long time trying to build my own UI. Until I was talked into trying out Elvui. I hadn't realised it was so clean, simply and easy to configure. I haven't looked back. But each to their own

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    Nothing from the blizzard battle text is enabled and only absorbs are shown in that manner, which is weird but i kinda like it (I normally 10man so it's not as bad as in the example above).

    I changed the font and size of the text and it's a lot better. I also disabled most of the stuff I don't need like "Penance is ready!" for example.
    Pretty much everything except damage/heals and debuff stacks are now gone.

    I still find the MSBT menus hard to navigate though and there's a lot of stuff I havn't figured out how to do yet :S
    -Change the up/down alignment of the Crit stickys so it doesn't cover the other text
    -Add a new event category and asign a new scroll area to that category
    -I Havn't quite figured out the Spam Control yet


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    If you search youtube for VOX guides for different boss encounters, they are recorded by a MW monk and he has all his combat text at the bottom right of his screen (using another addon that creates a black area). Personally I like watching my crits and especially my shields as a priest, but from a purely practical standpoint of view that might be a good idea. After all, the only thing that might affect your decision making mid-raid is how hard a certain ability is hitting you (and you could keep that in the middle of the screen).

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