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    Which trinkets?

    My druid is 532 and I just got Prismatic Prison of Pride in flex so will be using that, my other 2 are the shao-pan assault one (like it for mana) and Nazgrims Burnished Insignia (raid finder), is it worth using nazgrims? I just think the first effect of it sort of bad. I am resto obviously

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    Regen = SPA + Sha

    Throughput (assuming you always cleave 3-5 people) = Nazgrim + Sha

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    Nazgrim is the multistrike trinket so i think you meant thok+sha for throughput

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    The trinkets this tier are very interesting, It literally depends fight to fight what you are need to get the most healing.
    Personally i play 1 regen 1 throughput, but now im starting to get BiS gear i will be pushing two throughput trinkets
    Fights such as Immerseaus the raid are spread the majority of the time, so therefore the multistrike (nazgrims) trinket will be better in that situation. Where as nourushon thoks trinket would be my throughput trinket choice.

    If you are comfortable with your mana go double throughput and have PPP and nazgrims trinket. They are both equally good in their own rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranks View Post
    Nazgrim is the multistrike trinket so i think you meant thok+sha for throughput
    Yes, got the trinket effects mixed up. Either way for throughput I'd still use Nazgrim + Sha though with how minimial of an ilvl increase it is from 2/2 530 SPA and 2/2 536 Nazgrim it's not that big a difference.

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    The better gear you get the more the Pride trinket will pull ahead, keep that in mind. About the other 3 viable trinkets it's to be honest mostly personal preference. I for an example will stay with my Blackfuse trinket (int+spirit) for most of my progress. When it comes to output from the cleave/singletarget trinket I've heard somewhere that if 1.5/5 from the cleavetrinket goes through (on average) on each proc it's better than the Nazgrim one. I can really only see 3 fights where the Thok trinket would be favorable:
    1: Norushen, constant raid damage.
    2: Thok, since it's so hard to heal for other classes during the stacked up phase, it's neat to have that extra output there.
    3: Maaybe Garrosh heroic depending on whether most of the big damage is stacked damage.

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    I vote for multistrike trinket over cleave trinket, A druid in my guild has the cleave trinket and on most fights its only doing 2-3% and very high overhealing. The cleave will also most of the time heal voodoo gnomes and shit. Most of the time it will hit like 1 target+4 gnomes and pets.

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