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    Question Is WoW game for Kids?

    I feel like in this expation WoW is for immature people, a.k.a kids or ''Casuals'' from Blizzards side. The whole expation theme feels like ''Peguin Land'' Panda race brings in mind the Kunfu Panada. Is that a coincidence? The raids reminds me the Nintendo games jump in tubes avoid ,circle things, jump etc. The pokemon thing they add , the farmville , the plants vs zombies.
    The daily quests out there there are meaningless, they don't have any challange and come on! They give you a pointless reward after so many days and wasted time you spend.
    The new mounts they add every patch are just reskin and recolored. The PVP gear is so easy obdenable and you can get PVE set with LFR.
    Blizzard must make something to bring back the old people and the most serious gamers. Give challange to game from the lowers levels chars and to high end PvEer/PvPers.
    Thats was my opinion I realy want to hear your opinions lets discuss this thing!

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    PG12... Should about suffice for that question. WoW always had a childish theme, hell even WC3 was childish.

    Also you might wanna look at this thread

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    I see it as childish on the outside with the kid appealing looks, but by going deeper into the lore it can be more adult. There needs to be a balance to keep a player base

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    I think you should go out some more

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    Starting a thread by linking anyone who is a more casual player to the terms "immature" and a "child" is nothing more than flame-baiting and this thread is just a thinly-veiled game bashing thread.

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