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    [A] 3/14 Heroic - 10M - LF Boomkin / Mage - Core Spot

    We currently have an immediate opening for a Mage / Balance Druid

    About Us

    Focus is a 10M Heroic Progression oriented guild.

    Focus was formed at the end of October 2012 by a group of raiders with past hardcore progression experience in various top guilds for the sole purpose of downing raid content while it is current, having a good time., and climbing to be recognized as one of the top guilds in the World. With these goals in mind, all of our raiders push hard and strive to constantly improve and work to perform with the best of them. In our second tier as a guild we hit Top 250 US and aim to significantly improve upon that this tier and onwards as our strong core is now established.

    Main Progression Raid

    Tier 16

    Seige of Orgrimmar - 3/14 Heroic (14/14 Normal)

    Tier 15

    Throne of Thunder: 13/13 Heroic

    Tier 14

    16/16 Heroic

    Our main raid runs on the following schedule:

    Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Sundays from 6:30-10:30 PM PST with a 10 minute break 2 hours in.

    You can expect to raid the entire schedule during progression, and significantly less once content has been cleared.

    What You Can Expect From Us

    Focus provides our raiders with all of their consumables (Flasks, Feasts, Potions).

    Focus provides our raiders with all enchants (on raid earned / raid usable gear) and with repairs.

    Focus was established under strong leadership with a desire to reach the status of one of the top guilds in the World. With this in mind, you can expect to be pushed hard to perform at an exceptional limit, while also having a good time with the rest of the team members. You can expect raid leaders to know the encounters and strategies, be well versed in the abilities of each class, and bring the best composition possible for the fight.

    Focus runs with a roster of 12-13 raiders at any one time, most with versatile off specs. Raiders will be rotated in and out depending on the composition requirements of a fight, raider performance, and ability to receive needed gear. We ensure raiders needing gear on farm bosses will be swapped in so they have a chance at the loot required. For progression we will bring the team that will give us the best possibility of downing the boss.

    Loot Rules

    In Focus, we put an emphasis on the fact that our main goal is to down content while it is current. Loot comes second (and naturally with boss kills)

    Our current system of loot distribution is a hybrid of Loot Council with the occasional standard MS / OS roll system. Loot has never been an issue in our guild and all of our raiders are very acceptable of our system as they realize that we will all get loot and our ultimate goal is progression.

    What We Expect From You

    Focus is seeking players who are dedicated to pushing hard on current content and performing at the top of their classes ability.

    We look for individuals who are constantly looking to improve upon their play, are able to take constructive criticism in a high pressure environment, are are willing to priotize the guilds progression over their own personal glory.

    Raiders are expected to be online at 6:15 ST and ready to go at the entrance of the raid by 6:30.

    Raiders must have a complete and in depth understanding of all encounters requested including knowledge of how to specifically maximize the utilization of your Toon on each encounter to ensure content drops at a fast pace.

    Additional Information

    We will consider all DPS that are capable of performing at a high level in progression raiding so please apply if you feel this is you. We are always looking to improve upon our roster through exceptional candidates.

    Spots are for a position on our core raid team. All exceptional players / classes are encouraged to apply. Positions on our raiding roster are earned and not a given. If somebody is consistently being outperformed and is unable to improve to the level of play that they should be performing at, they will be replaced by somebody willing to put in the required effort and performance.

    Feel free to contact an officer Rank 2 or higher on the armory in game, or visit our website:


    Also, feel free to contact me via Battletag (fastest): Masonic#1246

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