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    Stop expansion talk! It's pathetic!

    Time and time again people predict which expansion is next and every god damn time they're wrong!
    Why even start predicting which expansion is coming next? Why don't you shut the fuck up man and see what Blizzard throws at us instead of spreading shit everywhere?

    So what do we have? Legion is next? Azshara? South Seas? Freaking pirates (theme?!) Emerald Dream? Outland#2 ?
    The Dark Below seems to be this year hot topic. In any case.. How many.. Please just.. HOW FUCKING many was right about Cataclysm ?!!! No one!!

    It's getting really irritating listen do everybody blabbing about whats next and which is not!

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    I'm going to close this as it comes across as a rant, not a constructive discussion.

    If you think that a thread duplicates content that's already on the first page, please report it and we'll take a look at it - we can close multiple threads or merge them. People are quite excited about blizzcon coming up and expansion speculation is to be expected right now.

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