Thread: Hunter PvP 5.4

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    Hunter PvP 5.4

    So I just came back to wow and curious what spec is now best for hunters hoping I dont need to play BM now.

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    All 3 specs are viable now for the first time, though none are amazing.

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    Definitely can play any of the specs, though you'll get more out of MM when you have a higher end weapon.

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    i've been sv for 2s with amoc

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    Just started this week with 3v3 (pretty new to hunter). I tried the different specs in Bg's first.

    Survival is fun, BM is cool cuz of the stun and the exotic pets ofcourse. But I had a hard time controlling the pet. With the buffs MM got I respecced to MM and love it imo.

    Just try out, and see what you like. It won't matter unless youre gonna aim for a high rating.

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