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    Sigil of rampage vs Renataki

    So another this vs that thread. But Ive simmed it a 100 times and Im so annoyed with the results I had to come here and ask you guys.
    I got SoR flex the other day and want to trade it for my Renataki hctf but it sims like 8k dps less.

    I understand its not THAT great, but with the cleave it should be valued a bit more? Espescially since im currently rocking a hc wf weapon. Are the stats on renataki worth that much to devaluate SoR to the point of it being utterly useless? Is Roger and such using it only for heavy aoe fights? Would it be plausible to use atleast on aoe fights? Or is it actually just simming bad but performing good even on singletarget?

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    The cleave does not hit your primary target, so it's really not something you can sim effectively- on a single target fight it's not going to be a very useful trinket- it's only good for fights where the cleave proc would be effective.

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    For me Normal Sigil simmed slightly higher than normal Bad Juju, but switching hc tf Renataki to flex Sigil sounds like bad idea. If your Sigil would be hc and you would be strugling to reforge enough out of expertise, then it could be closer

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