View Poll Results: What is your favourite 'Isle' zone that was introduced throughout expansions?

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  • Isle of Quel'danas

    14 48.28%
  • Isle of Thunder

    5 17.24%
  • Isle of Giants

    0 0%
  • Timeless Isle

    10 34.48%
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    Poll: What is your favourite 'Isle' zone that was introduced throughout expansions?

    Hey all, this is the first ever thread I've posted and I haven't seen this brought up (to my knowledge).
    So I was wondering, what is your favourite Isle that was added as part of a major patch (not one of those ones at launch like the Lost Isles/Azuremyst Isles.)?
    We have the Isle of Quel'danas (Fury of the Sunwell), Isle of Giants and the Isle of Thunder (The Thunder King) and the Timeless Isle (Siege of Orgrimmar). Obviously you have to have spent some time on each one to be eligible, and please say why you preferred your choice above all others. Was it the blood elven architecture and demon presence? The prehistoric nature and setting? The fun exploration and things to do? The lore behind the place?

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    Isle of thunder, It just feels so dark and mysterious, also I like how they've done the gating there, with the solo scenarios and everything.

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    I'd have to say the Isle of Quel'danas. Not just for nostalgia's sake, but it was the first implementation of this type of daily quest hub, where more would unlock as people participated. I enjoyed the zone and the quests enough to get get two characters exalted with the Shattered Sun.
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    1) Isle of Thunder - Dark, creepy and the feeling of an important over arching storyline drove it well.

    2) Isle of Quel'danas - Pretty much the same reason as above without the dark & creepy stuff.

    3) Timeless Isle - Good as a loot pinata but not much else. The lack of interesting story in favor of exploring a pretty small Island doesn't work too well long term.

    4) Isle of Giants - Really only a hub for a world boss. Lots of wasted potential here as a proper little zone.

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    IQD was a blast, especially on PVP servers.

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