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    Question (Elemental) Rotation

    What is the rotation / priority if spec'd into UE?

    And what fights are people using UE over EB + POTM for?

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    I've been using UF for single target fights for the most part. Since if your using CL alot on a heavy AOE fight your not gonna get much use out of EB/UE. So on Galakras I use PE. In terms of priority I basically use it on CD since it's buffing your LB/LvBs so more more its up the better.

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    UE is good for high end equip for Single Target , heavy movement fights
    PE is good for aoe fights
    EB is for < 570 ilvl, Single Target, low movement fights
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    With UF, you want to make sure that it's used after Flame Shock, but before Lava Burst for optimal usage. The only concern is when you get a Lava Surge at the same time UF comes off cooldown. Typically, I prefer to use my UF before the Lava Surge as it's unlikely you're going to get a second Lava Surge proc within the 1-1.5 seconds it takes for you to finish your current cast and have your GCD come back up. As such, you guarantee that at least two Lava Bursts will go off with the UF debuff up (You will always only get one for the UE buff regardless of if you cast before or after Lava Burst).

    Thus: Flame Shock (ticks < 2) > Unleashed Elements > Lava Burst > Fire Elemental > Earth Shock (with LS > 6) > Searing Totem > Lightning Bolt

    For opener I use: Potion -> Lightning Bolt -> Fire Elemental -> Hero/Stormlash -> Flame Shock -> Unleash -> Lava Burst -> Ascendance but there is probably a better one.

    I like UE for any fight that doesn't have lots of Cleave (PE) or doesn't require a lot of burst damage (EB). Iron Juggernaut and Siegecrafter are good examples of fights that are great for UF. They are single target with high movement requirements. For Thok, I swap between PE (DPS while silenced) and UF depending on how far we're trying to push the first phase.

    At 553 ilvl--35% haste, 59% mastery, 20% crit, 39.7k Spellpower--I have EB and UE as practically even (UF was 200 dps better for light movement and 400 points better on Patchwerk).

    EB is still a completely viable talent, as the damage difference is virtually insignificant, but unless you're constantly target swapping and need the extra burst, UF provides better dps with the ability to move freely. Use EB for fights like Immerseus and Nazgrim where the extra burst is really useful.
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    When using UF I like to always keep in mind that LvB > FS > ES > UE is my priority. If I have time to and in pull I use to pull off with precast LB, UE, LvB, FS. UE applies to both FS and LvB if u are fast enough and have enough range for the LvBs traveltime.
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