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    Cut all sugar. All sugar (carbs) for 26 days, take 1 day off an continue for another 26 days. After those 53 days, someone with your BMI should have dropped about 48lbs

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    Get a kettlebell and do kettlebell swings every morning. When you can do 80 straight with no breaks, get a bigger kettlebell.

    No white rice, pasta, potatoes, alcohol, bread. Eat lots of brown rice, chicken, turkey, tuna, veggies. Drink water like it´s your job.
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    I've lost more than 35 pounds this year, and I can tell you what you need more than any other thing: Dedication and patience. You can read great things about exercise and dieting, but you have to stay motivated and commit yourself 100% to losing weight no matter how hard you have to work or how long it takes. You will struggle with days when it seems like you haven't accomplished anything, but if you stay motivated, those moments of low results will even out when you gain those results rapidly later.

    Tons of great tips in this thread. Reduce calories, eat healthy, find a fun way to do cardio that you will enjoy, and never give up. Never compromise on your diet.
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    The important thing to remember is that you don't want to diet my friend you want a lifestyle change ...FOR LIFE or you will just get fat again ...check this video out it's well worth the long watch !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    And no drinking carbonated water isn't your main problem. It is the food. Switch bacon with an Apple. Not to mention an apple tastes a lot better then bacon. Switch fatty foods with a salad. It is easy if you put your mind to it.
    And like that all of your credibility is gone.

    I kid, I kid. I'm a fatty, too. Rich's food journal advice is great on two levels. The first being that he'll help you (Good_guy.jpg), and the second (which worked well for me) is that sometimes the effort/guilt (depending on my day) isn't worth eating the food. "If I eat these chips I have to write it down, and the emotional gain from eating them will be tanked by the sorrow of having to look at it on paper all week. Hmm..."

    The few weeks I did have a food journal going I was very conscious of what I was eating and drinking and it was incredibly helpful. Per the above, I'm not actually an emotional eater, but I go a little crazy if I don't keep my hands busy. Food has the double effect of keeping my hands and mouth occupied - and is tasty.
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    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    A lot of people are talking about diet, and that's all fine. That's not your big problem, though, in regards to losing weight. It's the lack of exercise. If you do nothing about your diet and exercise you'll start to notice weight loss. Although, it will be small at first. I'm not saying you should ignore changing your diet. It needs to change for health reasons above anything, but exercise is your priority. Obviously, it's unlikely that you'll be able to burn more calories than you're taking in for a bit, but it'll come. The main thing about eating healthier initially is that your body needs to be nourished properly to deal with the exercise you'll be getting. If you don't do that then you'll feel like you need to eat more due to the exercise, because while you may be getting plenty to eat by consuming the things you usually have it won't be providing the nourishment you need. Your body will react to that.

    When you start doing that you'll notice that you don't want a lot of those foods nearly as much anyway. Noticing how bad those foods make you feel is an eye opener, too. If you can only cut one thing immediately I'd say ditch the soda. You'll notice a huge difference in your appetite and how you feel. It's the perfect combination of terrible things....caffeine, sugar, carbonated water, etc.

    If you feel like you need the caffeine find a substitute. Tea, sweetened just enough to taste decent, coffee, etc. If you can ditch the caffeine altogether, at least initially, that will help.

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    1. Start moving.

    U need to burn those calories and its easier to lose weight by moving then by starving yourself ( and you will lose musclesmass in the process)

    2. Stop drinking calories
    There the biggest problem in sociaty, drinking water instead of soda, add a few cups of green tea (boosts your metabolism) and reduce the amount of coffee you drink. Ohw yeah no sugar in your coffee or tea .

    3. Write down what u eat.

    Simple and really helpfull, it will make you more aware of what goes in.

    5. Calories in > calories out = gain weight
    Calories in < calories out = weight loss

    Hope this helps , and good luck with the right mindset you can do it
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    Never eat carbs on their own.

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    The one thing that worked for me (from 220 pounds to 172 pounds; height - 6'1") was to nix all cardio exercise and simply adjust food intake.

    I hate doing cardio, so feeling like I had to do it every time I went to the gym was seriously draining me of any desire to do so on a regular basis.

    What I did instead was switch over to a severely calorie restricted diet - absolutely no more than 1.5k a day, and preferably under 1k a day.

    I also switched up my gym routine to where I never do cardio anymore - I get on the treadmill to warm up - run about 1 mile at 7 mph, then do weights. End result? - I don't loathe going to the gym anymore, and I have a clearly defined sixpack for the first time in a decade.

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    You can't out-train a lousy diet.

    That being said...its a simple formula. Burn more calories than what you take in, and you'll lose weight.

    Avoid sugar, carbs, etc.
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    There's a lot of voodoo in recommending specific foods here. Sure, there are foods that are unequivocally Good Things for people trying to lose weight (chicken breast, spinach, nonfat greek yogurt, etc.), but those sorts of recommendations aren't that helpful, as it's important that a diet be sustainable and enjoyable. What's important isn't finding a magic formula, it's consistently running a calorie deficit over a long period of time. Exercising, eating lean proteins, and controlling portions are the best ways to do so, but there is no secret to success, it's discipline in developing good habits all the way down.

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    From a previous large guy (I was at 300 lbs when I started to do something about it), here's what I would recommend.

    1. Switch all your beverages to water. If you enjoy coffee, drink it black. This will be the easiest dietary change you will make. Trying to alter your diet too drastically at first will just cause you to give up and fail because, let's face it, your body is used to the food intake and you'll feel like total shit if you cut that out suddenly.

    2. Walk every single day, preferably in the morning. Doesn't even have to be at a really brisk pace. If you can only do 20 minutes at first, do it. Every other day, maybe add 5 minutes to your walk. Once you get to about the 45-60 minutes mark, do the same walk but try and increase your pace.

    3. Eat. Not eating will do all kinds of weird things to your body. Just try and watch what you are putting in your mouth. Think of your body as an engine in a luxury sports car. You wouldn't put Regular in there so don't do it to yourself.

    4. Sleep. This is probably the most important out of everything. 6-8 hours depending on your comfort level.

    Do those simple things for 3 months and I'll guarantee you'll lose weight. Once your body gets used to some of this, you can start making changes a little more on the drastic side (like joining CrossFit or taking up Jiu Jitsu, lol).

    Like other posters have said, without forming good eating, drinking and sleeping habits, your weight loss will be nothing more than a crash diet. Don't think of it as a diet, take it as a lifestyle change.

    EDIT: Just for the record, I did join CrossFit at 300 pounds. I dropped 70 pounds in 6 months but, my god, it was brutal. I definitely don't recommend that approach at first. Moving all that body weight around is a lot harder than people think. Doing simple things like burpees was difficult just because you got "stuff" in the way.
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    Minimise saturated fats, really minimise them - Under 5g is what I aimed for, the weight fell off me - in a three months I'd lost 2 stone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    There's a lot of voodoo in recommending specific foods here. Sure, there are foods that are unequivocally Good Things for people trying to lose weight (chicken breast, spinach, nonfat greek yogurt, etc.), but those sorts of recommendations aren't that helpful, as it's important that a diet be sustainable and enjoyable. What's important isn't finding a magic formula, it's consistently running a calorie deficit over a long period of time. Exercising, eating lean proteins, and controlling portions are the best ways to do so, but there is no secret to success, it's discipline in developing good habits all the way down.
    I like what Spectral said ... you can have all the advice in the world, but if you don't enjoy your lifestyle, you're bound to fail. What I did is gradually switch bad food with good foods without losing the enjoyment of it. My biggest thing is switching from Coke to soda water with a bit of juice. Took a bit of getting used to, but now that's the only soft drink I have now. Start switching out small things and change your lifestyle gradually. There's a better chance you'll stick with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melkhamilton View Post
    Start switching out small things and change your lifestyle gradually. There's a better chance you'll stick with it.
    Good advice.

    More advice: there's no reason that healthy things have to be bland or boring. I see people fail often on diets because they think they need to eat a tasteless chicken breast with some tasteless steamed broccoli. I look at it and think, there are dozens and dozens of ways I could have made that better adding only negligible calories from seasonings.

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    If you're like me and don't like drinking water because it's so damn boring and tasteless start buying some of the liquid water flavor squirt bottle things like Mio but get ones that are zero sugar and zero calories. Having those on hand at home and in my locker at work and even in my car made it ridiculously easy to cut my soda intake down to almost nothing.

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    lost 30 kg in 5 months! 40kg in 7 months, was on 84kg back in july! 92kg now, and going up (MUSCLES)

    training 5 days /week! and how did i loose the weight? well i eat meat and salad everyday, nothing else.. if u decide yourself to lose weight, it isnt hard!

    btw, iam drinking 1.5l coca cola light everyday, and has been doing that for the entire weightlost

    sry for very bad english but well, hope i gave u some motivation or something:P iam not near my results i want yet, thats why i continue now to build them muscles up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    So it's come to the point where i'm pretty tired of looking at myself in the mirror. I'm 24 years old, 5'7 (Male, that's not that tall for my gender.) and bordering 284 lbs. I'm looking to drop down to about 200, maybe 210. I know to lose that amount of weight it will take a lot of dedication to make it happen, but at this point all i think i'm missing is honest encouragement. For my current eating habits, i eat pretty terrible ( I.E Bacon cheese burgers, most fried foods, lots of take out in general and more pop then someone should drink(looking at 2-3 glasses a day if that) ) So i know my main thing i need to cut is the pop, another thing is i pretty much spent 3 years after high school doing nothing, just sitting on my ass and it did nothing good for me. So i know i need to ditch the pop intake, and be more active. I got my first job at the beginning of the year, so it pretty much took me out of my computer chair at home into another chair at work where i sit there and repair watches. I think i'm ranting at this point, you people don't need my life story lol

    Anyways, what i'm looking for tip wise would be:

    What foods would be good to eat to boost my metabolism, that aren't too fattening etc?

    Is there some sort of exercise i can do from home that would help me lose the kegger i'm rocking atm?

    What else would someone who also went through this suggest?

    Any advice is welcome, i expect a couple trolls to come here but ill just ignore them.

    Thanks all
    If you don't like Gyms or running outside (like me) get yourself a decent skipping rope and do that for 30 min+ a day. It's more beneficial than running and less painful on the joints...

    Obviously as you get fitter you can speed it up/make it harder with different techniques. Easiest way to lose weight.

    P.S The main battle is with your mind. Your body will give in, but don't give up then. Keep pushing and pushing.

    Press-ups and sit-ups are obvious ones that will help tone up as well. To be honest just youtube good boxing training methods, most require little equipment and are super effective
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    Ignore anyone with any bro science nonsense about carbs, fat, sugar, soft drinks and any other utter garbage like that.

    All that matters for losing weight is calories. Figure out using one of the many places on the internet how many calories you need to eat to sustain your current weight then eat 500 calories less a day to lose 1lb a week or 1000 calories less a day to lose 2lbs. If you can also combine that with some weight training and/or cardio you'll quickly find losing 3lbs a week is not a problem.

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    Congrats on realizing something needs to change.


    The gym is going to have the greatest breadth of equipment for you to get the optimal workout, but if you aren't feeling up to that there are plenty alternatives. What I would recommend is start off with some light cardio in the mornings. You don't need to go run a marathon, just get moving! Try walking for 30 minutes to start. Soon you can build that up to a job, but take your time.

    You should also be looking at your nutrition. Stick with lean proteins (turkey, fish, chicken & eggs) combined with plenty of vegetables and some low glycemic carbs (sweet potato, brown rice etc). It looks like you know that this needs to change, what I will say is just do what you can and keep trying to do better. You will regress, but just keep trying to do better. Anyways, you can get super technical on this later, for now try to stick with fist sized portions of the proteins and carbs, and as much vegetables or salad as you like. Once you're down in weight start reading about how to properly measure your macro nutrients and really fine tune your diet.

    Next is the workout plan - Like others have said a good DVD program could be the perfect answer for you. Not only will you be able to do it from your home, but it provides the structure that will definitely form a great base for you to then go into the gym and explore more difficult workouts. I personally recommend Body Beast on my website, but there are SO many to choose from. Which ever one you go with, make sure that it is tailored to the goals that YOU have in mind.

    Lastly, you should really get all your measurements taken before starting. It is probably the best way to keep yourself motivated, and you will be so surprised when you look back and see how far you've come (best feeling ever... trust me). Also, keep moving forward. It's going to get hard but if you keep putting in the effort, you WILL see results.

    Good luck!

    James Williams, Website owner

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