Ok so I have a very high rated pvp background, 3 time gladiator, 2600+ in rbgs (rank 1 rbg group all of cata for bg9) and haven't really liked the changes they made to pvp in mop, something I think could fix pvp and make it fun again like it was before mop and thought id see what others thought.

So since they added this capped gear thing in bgs/arenas etc where your gears ilvl is scaled down to w/e it is for that patch lets say any gear over 500 ilvl gets scaled down to 500 ilvl. Anyways basically they should remove the flat base resil and get rid of pvp power completely, make it back to gear and gems give resil and to fix the pve gear coming into pvp you could make pve gears ilvl/stats a lot higher for pve that even if you decide to wear a cunning of the cruel or a dragonwrath it would get scaled down so much that it would only give the slightest if any advantage in pvp.

they've done this many times fixing scaling especially recently they've scaled down mop enchants so it works on any gear 1-90, do you think this could possibly fix and make pvp the way it was again making it fun?

Games seem to last too long or are just boring to me atleast since all this base resil and pvp power crap.