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    Quote Originally Posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    The oldest of old school Paladins was Leeroy. I mean he's so legendary that even in Dark Souls you can get the Paladin armor set from Leeroy. But the next best thing was Zalgradis. At least IMO it was Zalgradis, cause even though it's a PvP video it does have a fair bit of comedy. There were other greats like Dernos and Slayton who helped create which is now a dead website. Slayton also created a number of PvP videos which are now dead and missing. I may upload them since I kept a couple of them on my HD.
    Holy shit i forgot about this video. Thanks so much for sharing you sir made my day

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    I have leveled pretty much every class to at least 70, most of them are 85+, but no matter what, there's no class that can match the Paladin class, imo. Sometimes I get random urges to play other classes or Blizzard added a new mechanic to another class that's totally awesome, but no matter what, I too always end up back with my Paladin. Because it's nostalgic, but also because it's still the number 1 class for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvrenGaming View Post
    Holy shit i forgot about this video. Thanks so much for sharing you sir made my day
    I uploaded some old Slayton videos and a missing Dernos video. I can't seem to find them online. The Dernos Retribution video was that rare moment where Rets has a 6 second Crusader Strike, just before TBC was released and was nerfed to 10 seconds. I still find it amusing.

    These videos are under dispute for their music, so if they don't work then you'll know why. There are some other great videos from the past which I'll try to dig up.
    Slayton 2
    Slayton 3
    Dernos Retribution

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    Shamans purging my seals in BG's

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