<Ruthless> is an alliance guild on Stormrage looking for quality raiders to fill up our ranks. We are a fairly new guild that is focused on progressive raiding, while at the same time remaining laid back. We value respect a lot in this guild and it will be shown to you as long as you show it to others. Everything you earn in this guild will never be taken away from you.

We are looking for people who enjoy raiding for the progression and not for the loot. We use loot council as a system to ensure everybody gets a fair shot at loot. Performance, Attendance, BIS priority as well as other things will be analyzed prior to giving out gear. The main objective is to keep things fair and that's what we're all about.

What We Look For
-Someone who puts what's better for the team over what's better for him/her
-Someone who shows up on time prepared with flasks, pots, and knowledge
-Someone who understands there will be wipes on new bosses and doesn't get discouraged if we keep on wiping to new content
-Someone who is an overall team player and shows respect to others

Recruitment: We are currently recruiting a DPS and a Tank
High Priority DPS : Mage, Elemental Shaman
High Priority Tank : Pally/Warrior

----Everybody is welcome to inquire----

Raid Times: 6-9 PM Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday EST Time

Add my real ID if you're interested RyanSkaleta#1702 or contact Heisonberg ingame on Stormrage