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    Sigil of Rampage question

    So current I have shao pan trinket and 535 timeless(hate it), I just got raid finder sigil of rampage, is it better to replace the 535 one with it? According to askmrrobot it is a drop no matter if lfr or normal..

    what do people think?

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    Sigil of Rampage cleave does not hit your current target, so it doesn't do anything single-target(apart from the agi proc). Pug ToT for Bad Juju or Renataki or do Flex for any of the other trinkets(AoC/Haromm)

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    Figured, so keep 535 one for now, I will be clearing all flex later tonight and will coin sha and shaman for those trinkets

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    its a decent trinket for aoe fights.

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