I was talking with a few people recently and their assertion that while vanya's robe/hat (or rose gold circlet) are clearly better than darklight, they just aren't worth the cost. I disagreed. First, the DL cowl actually has one more int than you'll get on the 2 crafted pieces. However, with reasonable socketing, you are giving up 63 crit/det (you could squeeze out a few more if you tried shoving savage aim 3 into 20% slots, but for our purposes we will assume you are just going to put aim 2 materia in the chance to fail spots). You can also get just as much accuracy (if you need it) by melding the head piece since you can only add 7 crit and no determination, so you can put accuracy if you need. Wash it all out, and basically you are getting 63 crit/det for 1 int and about 25 spell speed. This is roughly the same dps difference between the relic and relic +1 weapons. That really seems worth it to me.